Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Footstool slipcover with ruffle

Lily's teddy loves his new seat (altered on Instagram using the Walden special effect)

So, over a year ago I re-painted Lily's room.  I've been considering painting it again to a more aqua shade but she told me this week she loves the colour - she just doesn't like the red bits left in her room.  I haven't got round to re-covering her chair or her footstool and have been putting it off as I wasn't really sure how to go about it.  On a whim two nights ago I decided to have a go at making a slip cover for the footstool.  I'm sure there are tons of people out there who can supply a better technique and a better finished product but in case there are any people out there who, like me, wing it most of the time here's a quick tutorial.

As the red is so strong I decided to go with two layers of fabric for the body of the cover (so that the red doesn't show through the white).  For the underside I used a white cotton (which you won't see) and for the actual cover I used a white Egyptian linen.

I lay one piece over the foot stool first and then the other (linen on the bottom, cotton on the top) and pinned the corners in place.  I then also drew a sewing line at each corner and stitched the corners then snipped off the excess.  I turned the stitched piece inside out and measured from the leg up the point where I wanted to add my ruffle and marked this on the linen side with a ruler (with a disappearing ink pen).

I then cut and pieced together several long lengths of linen and hemmed the finished long piece along one edge (that will be the bottom of the ruffle).  I then went along with my iron and folded a piece over every so often to make pleats.  I always hold these in place with frog tape.

I added a second piece of frog tape to make a line to sew along (this doesn't have to be perfect as these stitches are simply to hold the ruffles in place).

I measured along the ruffle and marked a line to show the length of the ruffles.  I lay the outside edge of the ruffle on top of the outside edge of the cover (basically both front pieces facing each other) and held them in place, blue line to blue line, sewing as I went along.

Snipped off the excess and turned it inside out.

I turned a patterned pillow, that Lily was given after a sleepover party, around to show the white side and sat teddy down for his first modelling job.  He looks nervous but it was his first time.

Now I need to do the chair but don't have enough linen so need some suggestions.  Get more linen (but not exactly the same as my brother brought this back from Egypt for me), go for a white and blue fabric (floral, stripes...), use antique linen that I have plenty of...???

any thoughts?



  1. The slipcover turned out just darling. I love the pleats. Thank you for showing how you made them. I have always just winged it, but I like how neat yours are. Great job.

  2. Wow, great job! I love the way you did it. You are a born natural. The stitches, the design and the outcome is really good. The bear even highlighted the cover. Doesn’t he look cute? I hope you could produce more with various colors like pink and apple green. That would really be awesome!

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