Saturday, 11 May 2013

Florida and Savannah

We had such an amazing holiday.  It surpassed everyone's expectations.
We went to parks, sightseeing, swam with dolphins, went to SeaWorld, went to Clearwater for Lily to meet Winter, went to Savannah and finished off in the Keys via the Everglades.  We covered almost 2000 miles and although it was a busy holiday we had a day in Orlando and a day in the Keys where we just stayed in our resorts and enjoyed the sunshine.  I did something I never do (besides snorkelling with Rays which was a first for me) and that was relax!

I've finally managed to make some collages of our favourite bits.



Clearwater Marine Aquarium and St Pete Beach


Tybee Island

The Everglades

The Florida Keys

I always thought if I ever went to Florida it would be a once only trip but we all fell in love with it.
We'll be back!



  1. Sam, I've been having problems with my email again, so I'm not sure if you got my email before you left?!

    I am SO happy you had such a good time, and what a wonderful trip full of lifetime memories you have given your kids. I also can't get over how big they both are!

    Great pics and I hope that next time you are in the US we can meet up!

    xoxo Kat

  2. I am so glad you liked Florida:)...The Keys are my favorite!


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