Thursday, 14 March 2013

Three weeks today ...

...we will be on our way to Florida for two whole weeks.

We've never been to Florida before and are really excited.  It'll be nice to leave the freezing temperatures behind and to have some sun but mostly it'll be lovely to spend time together as a family, just the four of us (without the hassles and stresses of everyday life at home).

Firstly we have booked a Condo at the Bahama Bay Resort in Davenport, Orlando for 11 days.

I'm sure we'll have a great time in Orlando however, as I'm not really into theme parks (though I cannot wait to see Harry Potter World and I'm sure there's no-one in the world who doesn't want to cry when they enter Disneyland), in the middle of our stay there we are packing up and leaving the condo to spend two nights in Savannah - I have wanted to go to Savannah for such a long time and cannot wait!!  This is the Mummy part of the holiday.

The historic Marshall House will be our home for our little break in Savannah.  

Then it's back to the condo in Orlando for a couple more days and finally on day 11, after what will probably have been a pretty hectic holiday so far we will be slowly making our way to Key Largo stopping off at the Everglades on the way to meet the local wildlife.

We will be spending the last three nights here at the Hilton Resort in Key Largo and have an ocean view room.  It is a dream of mine to wake up to a sea view so for three days at least, I'll be living the dream!!

We plan on a trip to Key West one day and want to hang around to watch the sunset and then the last couple of days will just be chilling.  Enjoying the beach and the activities and just winding down after our busy trip.

Of course, I'll be doing a little shopping while we're there.  Seth will probably want some Hollister stuff and Lily lives in Converse so I'm sure a few pairs will make their way into our suitcases.  For me it's Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn in Orlando.

I want this bedding from Restoration Hardware ..

..and these kitchen pulls from either Pottery Barn (first image) or Restoration Hardware (second image)

Fate?  Destiny? It just so happens that The Paris Market is on the same road as our hotel in Savannah.    I've wanted to go to that shop since I saw it in a magazine not long after it opened.

We've booked for us all to swim with dolphins in Discovery Cove too so that should be amazing.  The kids are really looking forward to that.

It should be a great holiday.

I'm now just counting down the days :)



  1. I love Florida, especially the older cities. Never been to orlando although our vacation home is 2 hours from there. If you get a chance go to St. Petersburg...a lovely small city about 2 mins from Tampa. I also have not done the everglades trip but would love to do it. You must post on your adventures. The weather is going to be lovely there.

  2. I'm SO excited for you, and I hope you have a wonderful trip!!!!

    xoxo Kat

  3. Hi! And welcome to Florida!! Just so ya know....There is a Restoration Hardware Outlet store in Vero Beach that you will be passing right by on your way to Key Largo from Orlando (just about an hour south of Orlando right off the turnpike)...there is also Gap, JCrew, Nike, etc...Have a GREAT Vacation!

  4. I have been to DisneyWorld several times but when I took my kids for the first time, I think I cried every day! It was just so magical :) Enjoy your trip.


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