Sunday, 17 November 2013

Advent Calendar

I have a million things on the go and can't seem to finish anything so haven't blogged in such a long time.

This time of year is crazy for me and my house is never clean or tidy long enough for me to photograph.

Off the back of Ideal Home magazine I had another magazine come to photograph our home for Christmas about 6 weeks ago.  This prompted me to make a Christmas countdown board instead of an advent calendar, which is something I've wanted to do for ages.  

I painted a large (90cm x 60cm) plywood board with Annie Sloane Chalk Paint in Paris Grey and added L shaped trim to frame the front and the side edge which I painted in ASCP Pure.  I lightly sanded the frame and added a little clear wax but left the grey board without wax.  I downloaded and printed off number tags I found on Jones Design Company blog.

I then measured 24 boxes and drew them on with chalk (which later rubbed off without a trace).  The boxes helped me position the tags which I nailed on using tiny black nails leaving just a few mm sticking out.  I rooted through all my decorations to find 24 little ones to complete the look.

I'm keeping it up until Christmas even if it does look weird.


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Sunday, 7 July 2013

My home in Ideal Home Magazine - the full story and photos

Ideal Home Magazine were kind enough to give me the photos from the feature on my house. 
Unfortunately I couldn't work out how to attach them to my blog.
Thanks to a You Tube video showing me what to do and Scribd I have now worked it out and here is the article.

The full story and many other lovely homes can be found on Ideal Home's website here 
or you can go straight to and click on the Ideal Home link at the top of the page
the full photos of my house can be found here 

93IDH13JUL125 (1)

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Footstool slipcover with ruffle

Lily's teddy loves his new seat (altered on Instagram using the Walden special effect)

So, over a year ago I re-painted Lily's room.  I've been considering painting it again to a more aqua shade but she told me this week she loves the colour - she just doesn't like the red bits left in her room.  I haven't got round to re-covering her chair or her footstool and have been putting it off as I wasn't really sure how to go about it.  On a whim two nights ago I decided to have a go at making a slip cover for the footstool.  I'm sure there are tons of people out there who can supply a better technique and a better finished product but in case there are any people out there who, like me, wing it most of the time here's a quick tutorial.

As the red is so strong I decided to go with two layers of fabric for the body of the cover (so that the red doesn't show through the white).  For the underside I used a white cotton (which you won't see) and for the actual cover I used a white Egyptian linen.

I lay one piece over the foot stool first and then the other (linen on the bottom, cotton on the top) and pinned the corners in place.  I then also drew a sewing line at each corner and stitched the corners then snipped off the excess.  I turned the stitched piece inside out and measured from the leg up the point where I wanted to add my ruffle and marked this on the linen side with a ruler (with a disappearing ink pen).

I then cut and pieced together several long lengths of linen and hemmed the finished long piece along one edge (that will be the bottom of the ruffle).  I then went along with my iron and folded a piece over every so often to make pleats.  I always hold these in place with frog tape.

I added a second piece of frog tape to make a line to sew along (this doesn't have to be perfect as these stitches are simply to hold the ruffles in place).

I measured along the ruffle and marked a line to show the length of the ruffles.  I lay the outside edge of the ruffle on top of the outside edge of the cover (basically both front pieces facing each other) and held them in place, blue line to blue line, sewing as I went along.

Snipped off the excess and turned it inside out.

I turned a patterned pillow, that Lily was given after a sleepover party, around to show the white side and sat teddy down for his first modelling job.  He looks nervous but it was his first time.

Now I need to do the chair but don't have enough linen so need some suggestions.  Get more linen (but not exactly the same as my brother brought this back from Egypt for me), go for a white and blue fabric (floral, stripes...), use antique linen that I have plenty of...???

any thoughts?


Friday, 17 May 2013

Esty update

Well, the sun isn't exactly shining here in Wales but it is peeping out from behind the clouds every now and then, plus it's not raining so, to me, it's starting to feel like summer.

So I just finished these pillows that have been in the making for a while.

and this one for an industrial look 

Available from my Etsy shop here

Have a great weekend


Saturday, 11 May 2013

Florida and Savannah

We had such an amazing holiday.  It surpassed everyone's expectations.
We went to parks, sightseeing, swam with dolphins, went to SeaWorld, went to Clearwater for Lily to meet Winter, went to Savannah and finished off in the Keys via the Everglades.  We covered almost 2000 miles and although it was a busy holiday we had a day in Orlando and a day in the Keys where we just stayed in our resorts and enjoyed the sunshine.  I did something I never do (besides snorkelling with Rays which was a first for me) and that was relax!

I've finally managed to make some collages of our favourite bits.



Clearwater Marine Aquarium and St Pete Beach


Tybee Island

The Everglades

The Florida Keys

I always thought if I ever went to Florida it would be a once only trip but we all fell in love with it.
We'll be back!


Friday, 15 March 2013

Etsy treasury in honour of my upcoming holiday

Items from my Etsy shop have been included in over 2000 treasuries and I really appreciate people choosing to feature my things and the time it takes them to come up with a treasury.

I rarely have the time to sit down and create them myself but over the last weekend I decided to go through some of my favourites and see what I could come up with.

As soon as I saw the photo of the suitcases I knew I was going to have to make a treasury in honour of our upcoming trip to Florida in 20 days (yay!!!).

Here it is - I hope you like it and some of the things in it :)

At the Gate in Blue

Florida map digital download...

Keep Calm and Love Whales (W...

set of 2 loving couple Anti...

Vintage Globe XXL / Vintage ...

PASSPORT COVER - Leaving On ...

Original Oil Painting of the...

Whales - vintage educational...

Pelican Bay Fishing Tours by...

Florida Vintage Map - Map Ar...

Aqua Sea Glass & Sterling Ri...

Hanging Rope Casual Two Laye...

Beach wedding White Crochet ...

Beach Landscape, Beach Decor...

Mercer House Savannah Georgi...

Florida print

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Three weeks today ...

...we will be on our way to Florida for two whole weeks.

We've never been to Florida before and are really excited.  It'll be nice to leave the freezing temperatures behind and to have some sun but mostly it'll be lovely to spend time together as a family, just the four of us (without the hassles and stresses of everyday life at home).

Firstly we have booked a Condo at the Bahama Bay Resort in Davenport, Orlando for 11 days.

I'm sure we'll have a great time in Orlando however, as I'm not really into theme parks (though I cannot wait to see Harry Potter World and I'm sure there's no-one in the world who doesn't want to cry when they enter Disneyland), in the middle of our stay there we are packing up and leaving the condo to spend two nights in Savannah - I have wanted to go to Savannah for such a long time and cannot wait!!  This is the Mummy part of the holiday.

The historic Marshall House will be our home for our little break in Savannah.  

Then it's back to the condo in Orlando for a couple more days and finally on day 11, after what will probably have been a pretty hectic holiday so far we will be slowly making our way to Key Largo stopping off at the Everglades on the way to meet the local wildlife.

We will be spending the last three nights here at the Hilton Resort in Key Largo and have an ocean view room.  It is a dream of mine to wake up to a sea view so for three days at least, I'll be living the dream!!

We plan on a trip to Key West one day and want to hang around to watch the sunset and then the last couple of days will just be chilling.  Enjoying the beach and the activities and just winding down after our busy trip.

Of course, I'll be doing a little shopping while we're there.  Seth will probably want some Hollister stuff and Lily lives in Converse so I'm sure a few pairs will make their way into our suitcases.  For me it's Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn in Orlando.

I want this bedding from Restoration Hardware ..

..and these kitchen pulls from either Pottery Barn (first image) or Restoration Hardware (second image)

Fate?  Destiny? It just so happens that The Paris Market is on the same road as our hotel in Savannah.    I've wanted to go to that shop since I saw it in a magazine not long after it opened.

We've booked for us all to swim with dolphins in Discovery Cove too so that should be amazing.  The kids are really looking forward to that.

It should be a great holiday.

I'm now just counting down the days :)


Sunday, 17 February 2013

Seth's room

Anyone remember me?

I can't believe I haven't had anything to say for the last 5 months.  I didn't mean to be absent for so long but anyone with an Etsy shop will know how insane it can get leading up to Christmas.

I had no time to clean my house let alone fluff it so that it's good enough to photograph, little time for projects and little time for me.

Over the last few weeks we were forced to do a bit of work around the house (something very exciting has happened which I'll share another day).  I even had cleaners in one day last week so with all my rooms clean and tidy and some are freshly painted so I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I always stress about what needs doing so for the first time in ages am having a lovely, slow weekend.  Today is also a special day for me as my gorgeous boy has just come back from a school ski trip to America.  I hated him going but know what a great experience it is for him (some may remember that he went on the same trip last year and I followed close by as I was pretty anxious about him being so far away!  SAD, I know but that's me!!)

Anyway this year I left him in peace but took the week off work to redecorate his room while he was away.  He's a growing boy and is already towering over me.  His 6ft antique sleigh bed (child's size) was getting a bit claustrophobic for him so we put a wooden bed that used to be in our spare room (before it became my craft room) in his room.  I bought new bedding - the duvet cover and top pillow cases are a pale blue shirt stripe from Peacock Blue (Vermont stripe) and the ones underneath are vintage denim ones by Lexington plus I found a cool pillow from thick canvas with a number 1 on it (for number 1 child!!).  I repainted his walls and panelling plus gave his drawers a fresh coat of paint.  I also added card holders to his drawers to give them a bit of interest.  I bought a new bedside cabinet and a really cool mirror to hang above it.

He's had the panelling in his room for years and I chose a white bedside cabinet with a shutter style door to go with his wooden bed as I like the idea of his room having a coastal feel in the summer and more of a cabin look in the winter.

He came home from his trip an hour ago and just said "woah" when he opened the door with a huge smile on his face.

Here's his new room (you can see his old room here)

we already had one of these stars so I bought a bigger one to go above his bed.  His Jasper Johns print of the American flag used to hang over his bed which was side-on to this wall so we had to move it down and I just wanted something small over his bed.  I think these stars are just the thing.

I love his mirror.  It's kind of an oil rubbed bronze dark brown metal with a thick rope hanger and looks a little like a port-hole.

To the left of his bedside cabinet is an old fishing creel with a great big pile of crap in it!  Kids amass so much rubbish that I just dumped it all in there and he can go through it when he's had a good sleep! 

We bought the 'moose crossing' sign in Canada 10 years ago and have never used it.  It looks great under Moosey!

We are going on holiday in April so are trying to keep all our money to spend on holiday but after we come back we have a few things to do in here before it's finished.  We want to reorganise the inside of his closet, add white wooden shutters on his window and have shelving and storage built around and to the side of his drawers so the whole wall next to his closet becomes a large built-in storage area.

Hope everyone's having a nice chilled weekend like I'm having :)