Sunday, 23 September 2012

Wall project in Lily's room

Between the door into Lily's bedroom and her closet door there's a wall just under a metre and a half long.  I had a bookcase made to fit the space quite a few years ago and she used to have her artwork on the wall above it then .. along came a TV!  I hate how TV's spoil the overall look of a kids room but on rainy days (we get a lot of those!) or days when you just feel like loafing around but your Dad is watching rugby in the living room and your brother is on the x-box in the other living room a TV in a bedroom can be great.

Since I redecorated her room I haven't put anything back on this wall as I hate how it would have to surround the TV.  I couldn't figure out how to put artwork up without it either filling the wall making the TV part of it or putting it just above the TV leaving a blank piece of wall to the right of it.

And then I saw this picture (from here)

We have panelling in almost every room in the house.  The only reason I haven't used it in Lily's room is because her room is long and thin and I didn't want to make the room feel like the walls were closing in on her.

I had the idea to just put panelling behind her bookcase to just above the height of her TV.  That way the wall above  was the only place available for art and the space to the side will then just become part of her bookcase wall.  I also like the way the panelling will act as a kind of bridge between the two doors.

I'm not taking the panelling behind the bookcase as it will always stay here (I think!!) and I didn't want to push the bookcase out.  The bottom piece of panelling will sit directly above the bookcase.  My husband's not happy with it just so so he is going to add a very small piece of trim to the bottom above the skirting.

Here is where I'm at today.  One coat of primer and one coat of oil based eggshell - probably two more coats to go.  I'll give her bookcase a lick of paint too and then we'll start sifting through those big picture books we are both still holding on to!  I love the books and I love remembering how I used to read them all first to Seth and then to Lily when they were little.  Right now she is reading The Hunger Games so I think it's time to say goodbye to 'How do dinosaurs say goodnight!'.


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  1. Great idea Samantha. It will just finish it off nicely. Love Linda x


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