Friday, 28 September 2012

Ugly tray to cute chalkboard

I have very little time to go around the shops these days but on my way home from work a couple of nights ago decided to stop at Home Sense.  I drive past it pretty much every day but it's huge and I know if I stop I'll be in there at least an hour.

I don't know if other people are the same but when I go to Home Sense or TKMaxx I'm not always looking for something I can just use straight away but I'm always on the lookout for something I can alter, play with, mess around with or paint...

I almost walked past a pile of absolutely hideous trays.  They are MDF but have been painted to resemble some cheap looking orangey wood.  Hideous as trays but the shape was great and I knew they could make great chalkboards.  There were two rectangles and three smaller oval ones - I bought the two rectangular ones - one is smaller than the other.

I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Louis Blue around the edge of the frame and rubbed it back a little.  That revealed a 'lovely' shade of bright yellow which had been hiding under the fake wood finish so I touched up the yellow bits with another coat.

I then gave the sides a good rub with clear wax and painted a couple of coats of Rustin's chalkboard paint in the middle and hung it in my kids little TV room (or the Xbox room as it should be called).  I don't think I've shared my kids new TV unit that I bought a few months ago.  I chose to have it made unpainted as it saved about £45 (I'm really tight like that!).  I then painted it white to go with the panelled wall behind it.  Back to the chalkboard....I added a little note to my kids (but mainly my teenage son who may need a gentle reminding from time to time!)

If I'm honest I'm not that keen on the shade of blue - it's a bit too purple.  I would have preferred a lighter, sky blue so may change it when I get the right shade.

Story of my life - nothing is ever done!!

The bigger one will be painted white and will replace the existing chalkboard in my craft room which my sister has already claimed!  I may go back and get the oval ones as they would probably make great Halloween decorations - I'm thinking of writing BOO on them or maybe drawing so spooky images on them like a skull on one etc....


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  1. Hi Samantha, great transformation. The trays do have a great shape. I like the Boo idea too. Love Linda x

  2. A great idea, Samantha! Looks great. :)


  3. wow! i love what you've done with that tray! fab make over :)

    i'm popping over to let you know that i've nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger award! all details on my blog today (its completely up to you whether you want to pass it on or not, the nomination is just my way of saying that i like what you do! :))

  4. So cute Sam, I love it! I hope you got lots of kisses from your little ones:)! Jen

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  6. Super cute idea! I love the detailing on the edge of the chalkboard!



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