Saturday, 8 September 2012

My craft room today

My craft room is constantly evolving depending on what I'm working on and how busy I am.  I shown it before here and here .  This is what it looks like today - nice and tidy for once (I paid Lily to hoover the room before I took the photos!).  The shelf above is an antique French game shelf - the hooks were used to hang dead birds from ready for plucking - nice!  My little old vintage suitcase holds tape strips I bought in bulk as they were on sale.

Just after the closets my husband worked on earlier this year (see here) is the long cubby hole unit.  A linen curtain hides the multitude of stuff.  I use the door from Lily's old playhouse to display things I want to photograph (I posted about her old door here).  This lady is wearing an Etsy purchase from Faded Plains - a vintage carpenters apron - it looks much better on her than me!

A new addition to this room is an Ikea kitchen cart that my sister was throwing out.  It's the perfect height for me to paint at and I covered the top with a great oil cloth I found which resembles old French grain sacks.

This is my little painting corner.  The carry all holds all my paint which is organised by colour and the table holds my brushes, little French tart tins I used to hold paint and other bits'n'pieces I need.

This is the wall you see when you walk into the room.  I try to keep this wall relatively simple as I don't want to look into the room and see a mess.  This table is where I cut stencils, package parcels etc.

Opposite this wall is my 'messy wall'.  You can't see this wall from the hall.  
The little cubby hole unit is a new purchase and really handy.  All my little jars used to be in a plastic lidded box which I had to pull out from a shelf of other boxes when I needed something.  Now all my buttons, little nails, ribbons etc are close at hand.  This is where I do my sewing.  The tables on each side of the room are matching.
(I know that the picture of Lily has dropped and the picture of Seth has disappeared - he took it to the hairdresser to show how he wanted his hair cut!  Correcting this is on my to-do list!)

A close up of my lovely cubbies!!

This is my view from my sewing table.  
I love working in this room.

No doubt this room will continue to evolve as I'm sure everyone's craft room does!  Watch this space!

The kids are back in school and typically the sun has now come out - we need to change school holidays in the UK to May and September as they tend to have the most sun!

Hope the sun is shining for everyone else too!


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  1. What a lovely room! I'm super intrigued about the oilcloth covering on the Ikea cart... do you have a post that links back to how you did it? I love the look!

  2. i love your craft area. those cubbies are gorgeous, i'd love to find or make some like that. & the oil cloth looks great too.

  3. Oh wow! Beautiful space. That oil cloth has given me oil cloth envy! Where can I find it?
    Smiles, alice

  4. Looks amazing, can you pop over and give my studio a once over.

  5. I just found you and LOVE your style! This room is amazing! I'm your newest follower :)

  6. Hi Sam, What an amazing room, I am jealous, I have to work in my DR. All of your details are so original, it is so pretty! Have a great week, Jen

  7. wow what a really amazing room! Where did you get the oil cloth and cubbies from they are just fab! :) Ali

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  9. What a great space to get creative. Lovely details :)


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