Thursday, 13 September 2012

Lucky me!!

I can't believe my luck today.

I've won a place on Creatively Made Home e-course.

I am delighted, thrilled, excited ...

I have a few rooms in my house where I've hit a wall - lack of time, money and inspiration are holding me back.  I'm sure I'm going to set so much from this course and cannot wait.  I'm not going to let the time difference be a problem for me - that's what annual leave is for!  I can see me taking a morning or two off to join in with the live sessions.

Thank you ladies - in case you hadn't guessed I'm super excited!!



  1. Congratulations, you are so deserving of this!

    xo Kat

  2. Congratulations Samantha! I can't believe that you need any help at all though. It is lovely to be able to indulge yourself and with like minded people...enjoy! Love Linda x


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