Saturday, 1 September 2012

A new bed for Lily

Months ago, when Lily was away with school for a week I repainted her bedroom.  

It used to look like this.

In these pictures the walls look lilac or grey but they are a really nice shade of pale blue.  For a long time we kept her original fabrics and bedlinen until we found the right thing.  We also kept her bedstead although I wanted to change it for a number of reasons: I didn't like the fact that you looked into her room and saw right under her bed, the way the frame was arranged you couldn't use a bed skirt, making the bed was a pain as you had to tuck in all around and I was always paranoid Lily would bang her head on the side rails.  

We went bed shopping recently and she chose one with a memory foam mattress.  I have to say, it is unbelievably comfortable.  It has drawers underneath which I'll use for out of season clothes (in vacuum bags) and spare bedlinen.

For the bedding we found the most gorgeous linen sets at H&M.  We bought a mixture of white and grey.  The duvet cover, bedskirt and curtains are white and the ruffle pillow cover is grey.  We also found a lovely grey and white flower print pillow case with linen covered buttons at the same place we got the bed.

I found two of these chandeliers a few months ago and thought they would be perfect for her room.  They have crystals and droplets hanging inside the metal ball with birds and leaves all around.  It looks cream in the photo but is off white (similar to her headboard).

The headboard may be temporary or may stay.  It's the top end of her original bedstead which we've attached to the wall.  The rest of the bed frame is in the attic.

I am terrible at finishing projects as I run out of steam quickly plus I have to find exactly the right accessories or it bugs me and I end up hating it.  I still have a few things to put on the walls, I need to recover her chair and make new curtains for inside her armoire ...

For now though, I'm happy with how the room is progressing (slowly) and I'm sure in a year or two I'll be ready for a full room reveal!

To see how her room used to look go here

I can't believe I had nothing to say for the whole of August.  I had most of that month off work with the kids but we've had the wettest summer since records began (over 100 years ago) which meant I've had kids indoors all the time so have just been going round in circles cleaning and tidying (and having the odd meltdown!).

Back to school on Tuesday.  Lily's last year in primary school and the start of Seth's first GCSE year so a big year for both of them!

Happy 1st of September xoxox


  1. Sam, you've done a wonderful job with Lily decorating her room - it suits a girl of her age beautifully and will last her well into her teens/adult years with the colour scheme and decor you've gone with. Love that bedhead and the bed linen is gorgeous. I especially love the combination of pillows and pillow cases. Can't wait for a full room reveal x

  2. I love what you have done with your daughters bedroom, the colours are really nice. I have been a huge fan of H&M home since they began a few years ago, to see what I came up with for a pair of their table runners visit

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