Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Lettered Cottage guest bedroom/office

When I first discovered blogging The Lettered Cottage was one of my first finds and has long been one of my absolute favourites.  What I love about Layla and Kevin is that they are totally original in everything they do and have so much vision and talent it's unreal.  

They've been sharing this room's progress for a while and the room is now finished and looks amazing.  You can instantly recognise it as being done by them - their style and taste is so definitely them.  I've been dying to see the finished room and was delighted to see one of my pillow covers on their bed.  You can just see my swallow pillow cover on their bed.  I'm over the moon that they included it in their room - it's certainly made my day week month...

Check out the entire reveal over at The Lettered Cottage.  I guarantee you will be blown away with the before and after pics and how incredibly gorgeous this room turned out.

I'm going to make sure I do the lottery tonight so I can pay for them to come over and decorate my entire house.

Have a great weekend.


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  1. Sam, I will pop over and check out the entire room re-do but how fun that they used one of your beautiful pillows, it looks perfect in there!

    xo Kat


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