Sunday, 15 July 2012

Christmas in July

Believe it or not I've been having a few people buying Christmas items from my Etsy shop already.

I've also had Etsy UK and Etsy France request Christmas items to be used in their Christmas look books and events.

So .. today, while we've had a rare sunny day in Wales, I've been making and listing a few new things for Christmas.

I've also started my Christmas shopping!   Just stocking fillers so far but it's a start.
It feels really weird to be thinking about Christmas in July.
Perhaps if we have a little more sun it'll clear my head!



  1. Your goodies look lovely, no wonder people are starting in early! It sounds like you are having a summer a bit similar to our winter at the moment. Hopefully it sunnies up soon for you. Though I suppose the yucky weather makes the studio a more appealing place to be productive :)

  2. Here is Brisbane we celebrate Christmas in July....I kid you not! There are concerts and activities put on. It's bloomin boiling in December so you can't enjoy a roast turkey and the trimmings then, so we do that meal in July. It means you get a sort of mini Christmas a few months early.

  3. I love your items as always! I can't believe it is getting to be that time again, I told myself I would start earlier this year, gotta get on that:)! Have a great week,Jen


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