Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A moment of my day

At least there's one good thing about rain, rain and more rain.
My kids stop arguing and play with each other!
Here they are playing on the Wii.

The hurricane lamp was on the dining table but the dining table has a TV unit on it which I'm in the middle of painting (for the kids TV room).  
My house is usually in a state of chaos so this mess is not unusual.
I long for the day when I walk through the front door and my house is decorated, clean and there are no diy projects looming..
Anyone at this stage yet? If so, please tell me your secret!


Sunday, 29 July 2012


Today started out like any normal day.
We've had a skip (dumpster) for the last couple of weeks and are clearing out our house and garden of years worth of accumulated rubbish.
My husband is in the groove so decided it was time to get rid of the kids jungle gym which has seen better days.  Lily was not into this idea at all but the jungle gym really is an eye sore and is across the middle of the back lawn so my husband pushed it, telling her she could choose to have anything else in place of it....

Big mistake!


Both she and Seth have wanted another dog for ages and Woody loves company so we have been toying with the idea but have just been put off by all the work.  The timing is great as the school holidays have just started so there will always be someone at home.

We checked online for another Golden Retriever in our area but came across puppies which are Golden Retriever / Border Collie cross.  We currently have a Golden Retriever and the dog we had for over 14 years before him was a Border Collie (my husband also grew up with 2 Border Collies) so both breeds are well known to us and we love them both.  They were only half an hour away and we went for a look but ended up coming home with BEAR.

Woody and he got along great straight away and we're beginning to think we should have called him Shadow as he is constantly following Woody around.

Both the children are old enough to help care for them both and I'm sure I must be made with the extra work as I already don't have enough hours in the day but I think a happy house is more important than a clean house (which is just as well as I certainly don't have a clean house these days!).

If anyone had told me this morning that by tonight I'd have another dog I would have thought they were nuts!!!  


Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Lettered Cottage guest bedroom/office

When I first discovered blogging The Lettered Cottage was one of my first finds and has long been one of my absolute favourites.  What I love about Layla and Kevin is that they are totally original in everything they do and have so much vision and talent it's unreal.  

They've been sharing this room's progress for a while and the room is now finished and looks amazing.  You can instantly recognise it as being done by them - their style and taste is so definitely them.  I've been dying to see the finished room and was delighted to see one of my pillow covers on their bed.  You can just see my swallow pillow cover on their bed.  I'm over the moon that they included it in their room - it's certainly made my day week month...

Check out the entire reveal over at The Lettered Cottage.  I guarantee you will be blown away with the before and after pics and how incredibly gorgeous this room turned out.

I'm going to make sure I do the lottery tonight so I can pay for them to come over and decorate my entire house.

Have a great weekend.


Sunday, 15 July 2012

Christmas in July

Believe it or not I've been having a few people buying Christmas items from my Etsy shop already.

I've also had Etsy UK and Etsy France request Christmas items to be used in their Christmas look books and events.

So .. today, while we've had a rare sunny day in Wales, I've been making and listing a few new things for Christmas.

I've also started my Christmas shopping!   Just stocking fillers so far but it's a start.
It feels really weird to be thinking about Christmas in July.
Perhaps if we have a little more sun it'll clear my head!