Friday, 22 June 2012

My kind of herb

I like to have herbs on my kitchen windowsill in the 'summer'.
I use the word summer loosely as you can see how wet it is here.
I usually have rosemary in the house as that's my favourite herb - we use it a lot with roast chicken or saute potatoes and the smell is just gorgeous.

When I went shopping on the weekend I came across 'chocolate mint'.  
I never use mint as it's typically used with lamb I don't like lamb.
I never thought of chopping up mint to use in cream with chocolate desserts (as the label suggested).
What a great idea!

I put it in a lovely zinc bucket I recently bought with has a blackboard section already on it.
I know it's pretentious but 'menthe chocolat' looks so much more appealing than 'chocolate mint'.
I haven't used it yet but am looking forward to.

On the opposite side of the window sill is one of my purchases from my trip to New York in February.
A gorgeous Pure and Good soap bottle from Anthropologie.

Have a lovely weekend.

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  1. I love your zinc pail. I have chocolate mint planted in my garden and I love the smell! I put a few sprigs in our iced tea pitcher and it adds wonderful flavor!


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