Wednesday, 6 June 2012

It's all in the detail

When it comes to my own Etsy shop I take great care to wrap every purchase in white tissue paper tied with French linen twine which I stock up on every time I go to France.  I include a hand written note to each person with a little paper ephemera gift (usually a small pile of confetti/table scatter birds cut from vintage sheet music but occasionally something else if I'm out of sheet music).  I feel that when my parcel arrives people already know what they've ordered, but it's nice to open it up like it's a little gift.  

I but many things from Etsy but some things come just in a box or a bag so I love it when other sellers take the time to wrap their items with love and attention to detail.

I recently bought something from Andrea from Faded Plains and she is clearly someone who puts a huge amount of thought into her packaging.  In fact, my package arrived before I left for work but when I pulled it out of the bag it came in I left it sitting there so I could really enjoy opening it when I got home later.  

My package came wrapped in old print, and tied up with string with lovely little bits tucked underneath - a cute doily, a maths flash card, a little Italian flash card and a little card with 'S' for Sam on it.  

All of these bits have found a place in my craft room.  The little S card is right next to my wooden S.

The little Italian flash card fits perfectly under my lovely flower picture which was a gift from Kat

And the little maths card is under my blackboard just in case I need to practise my sums!

Thank you Andrea - I love my new work apron but also love the little extras you sent too.



  1. What a beautifully wrapped package. I think it makes all the difference so try to add in little extras with my Etsy packages as well. It's so much fun to unwrap a beautifully wrapped parcel. :)

  2. I'm so happy to hear you liked the apron...and I'm glad you enjoyed the little extras too...thank you!

  3. Hi Sam, what a beautiful package. It is a real treat when someone goes to such trouble to personalize it for you. Love Linda x

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