Friday, 8 June 2012

Beachy art

Ever since I saw this bedroom in a magazine (I think Country Living) I've loved the idea of having a wall of seascapes and beach scenes.  These ones are vintage paint by numbers paintings all featuring the sea, collected over time by the home owner.  I think they look amazing.  They give the room a real beach house/holiday feel.  

We have a lot of art in our home.  We have several pieces by Artists living and working in Wales and we both tend to be drawn to dark and atmospheric pieces.  We have mainly landscapes but I have a couple of seascapes including this one below by Andrea Kelland.  It's called Amroth Storm - Amroth is a beach in West Wales where we often go in the summer.

My husband bought me this print of an etching by David Carpanini for my 40th birthday.  It's called Flight of the Navigator and is one of several paintings and prints we have in our lounge.  We only have a couple of originals. Most are limited edition prints signed by the artists.

As you can see we have very 'moody' taste in art.  I'm not sure why I'm drawn to such stormy looking pieces but most of our artwork is similar in style.  

I've never really been drawn to 'happy' art - until now.

A while ago I came across an amazing artist on Etsy, called Kim VanDerHoek, whose work is much more 'sunny' than I would normally go fot but really speaks to me.  Her work is more in keeping with the beachy scenes above the bed in the first picture and I'm dying to get some of her work.  

'Hammock Not Included'

'Sea Breeze' 

And my favourite 'Afternoon Bluffs'

I just need to find some wall space as houses in the UK are pretty small and we already have most walls covered.  I'm determined to find somewhere for them though.

If you want to check out Kim's work you can do so here :
Kim VanDerHoek on Etsy
and her website


  1. Thank you so much for the kind words Sam. It means so much to me to read that my artwork speaks to you, that's one of the reasons I paint.

  2. Her artwork is beautiful. Thank you for introducing me! I am an artist and my focus has been seaside...and I am drawn to the calm, fogging, grey sea which is evident in my artwork. I am new to your blog and really like your work and heart. ox


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