Friday, 11 May 2012

new bedroom mirror

 A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I went to visit my friend who lives in Gloucester and we went to the Spring Fair at Sudeley Castle.

The weather was absolutely awful but that didn't stop us making the long drive as we knew there would be some great things to buy.

One of the things I bought was a new mirror for my bedroom.  I have a small wall between the headboard wall and a door into the en-suite bathroom and I've never really known what to put there other than a twiggy heart.

This mirror was only £15 and while I liked the simple, almost beachy shape the colour wasn't working for me but I bought one and so did one of my friends and I painted mine in a new Annie Sloane Chalk Paint shade, Pure.  Just a couple of coats with a light sanding and I much prefer it now.

There was a bit too much white wood on show so I simply blue tacked a couple of vintage French photos on the sides.  I bought these off an Etsy seller quite a while back.  They are scenes from Biarritz in the South West of France in the 1950's and I've been to all the places in the photos so they mean something to me.  I love them and they seem to belong on this mirror.

My photo taking skills are getting worse, I'm sure.  The quality of these photos is terrible, sorry.  I think it may be time to replace my camera (I'm sure that's the problem and nothing to do with my ability!).

I think this mirror is really cute and just the right size for this wall.  It's a bit scary though as it's next to my side of the bed and at my eye level so I now know just how hideous I look first thing in the morning.  I think the mirror must be faulty :)


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