Monday, 7 May 2012

The back garden

Yesterday we had some sun.  It was lovely to have a sunny, clear day after all the rain we've been having.  My husband and daughter worked hard all day cutting the foot long grass (seriously) and having a general post-winter tidy up.

My back garden frustrates me as when we bought the house the back garden was a patch of mud.  My husband quickly laid a patio and some turf as we wanted to host Seth's christening at home.  We've never really had the garden looking the way we'd like it to.

I would just love a beautiful patio area surrounded by white hydrangeas (I only have white and green in my garden - I have a real aversion to coloured flowers with the exception of blue - weird!).  This would be such a lovely place to sit and relax (photo from a country farmhouse).

I would love a nice shed which combines good looks with plenty of storage.

I already have a similar table and chairs so just need the lovely garden to go with them now (photo from Jeanne D'Arc Living).

We ordered some wooden raised beds for Lily a few weeks ago and picked them up yesterday.  She is really keen to grow her own fruit and veg so we plan on fencing off just a little section of the garden and putting a little gravel path around it - she is really excited about this.

I've loved this picture for ages - I love how there they've incorporated two sheds, a water feature, loads of greenery and so many places to sit in such a small space.


This is what we have to work with.

Notice my handsome boy, Woody, trying to hog the photo!

Slabs in desperate need of a power wash.  I'd like to change the slabs but there's no point yet as we'd like to add a sunroom and a mudroom one day so son't want to replace the slabs with some that will get ripped up again in a year or two.  The fence needs a good clean - the garden did have a lot more shrubs in it last year and one day on impulse I cut them all back and removed some.  The fence was left really yucky though and I'm not sure how to clean it - HELP gratefully received!!  I also hate the colour of the fence - it was supposed to be a darkish natural brown but came out quick reddish brown.  I'm thinking of painting/staining it grey - any thoughts on this?

Lily's veggie patch is going to go in the corner where the Weigela plant is.  We need to add a shed/summer house and our plan was to put it in the right hand corner but now we're thinking of putting the shed in the middle of the back fence with a small deck next to it in the right hand corner.

I love our Eucalyptus tree and we recently added some solar powered fairy lights to it so it looks really pretty in the evenings.  The jungle gym is long overdue for retirement but Lily will not part with it so for now remains a (much loved and much used) eyesore!

I wish the garden fairy would pay me a visit.  I just do not have the vision to put all my ideas into one small garden.  It also amazes me how much it's going to cost to have a lovely garden - I could probably go to Hawaii for what it's likely to cost.  To be honest, if that was an option I could live with this garden for a little longer!



  1. Have you thought of painting you fence black? I have done this for a few clients and the flowers show up amazingly well, you have to think how smart black timber sheds or barns look then you will get the idea, scary to do but so worth it.

  2. I am with Karen...a dark grey or off black fence would give it some dimension and really spiff it up. You could dig out some wide beds with curvy corners and fill them with limelight hydrangeas and old large mirror on the back fence would also add depth..

  3. Hi Sam, so good to hear from you. I think we all wish we had a garden fairy, I know I do! There are so many things I would like to do, if only time and money were in abundance around here. Your garden is lovely, and so are your inspiration photos. I love a green and white color scheme and Woody is the perfect addition to any garden! Let me know if you go to Hawaii, I will tag along and we can discuss landscaping while we lay on the beach! ;-)

    xo Kat

  4. Hi Sam, I got the wrong end of the stick at first and thought that the first photo was your garden, I thought omg it's like something from a magazine, what is she complaining about...silly me! I am sure you will come up with some wonderfully creative ideas, without breaking the bank. Cuprinol Shades have a good range of colours for your fence and is easy enough to apply.
    Have a great week, love Linda x. Oh by the way, I love your beach hut, palm trees and all!


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