Sunday, 8 April 2012

Treasure hunting (or geocaching as it's now called)

Today I heard about Geocaching for the first time.  

I'm probably the last person on the planet to hear of this but if I'm not, to quote their website "geocaching is a real world outdoor treasure hunting game.  Players try to find hidden containers called geocaches, using GPS enabled devices".  

My sister told me about it and then said there would probably be some hidden close to us - I've mentioned before that we live right next to a big forest.  I checked out their webiste, put in our postcode and found loads of buried treasure sites within walking distance.  My sister and her kids came up so we and a couple of my kids' friends went in search of our first geocache.  Your phone will show you a map of where you are and an arrow for where the treasure is and then you have a square metre or so to rummage through leaves and bushes etc.  Most boxes have a notepad and pen in them for you to leave a little note.  They also have small items (trinkets, small toys etc) in and the rule is you take something out, you put something in the box in it's place.  Mine each took a novelty poker chip, Kitty took some animal stickers, Ned took a small toy car and Lily's friend took some earrings for her Mum (glad I didn't get those although they were bagged and looked brand new).  We put some foreign coins, a small slate heart, a pumpkin man ornament and a small pack of playing cards in to replace the items we took.

This is such a good idea and the site is global so it would be really handy if you're on holiday to look up a site near you and take part.  The kids loved it and we even found a great hiding place to start a new geocache game.

I took some photo's with my phone using instagram

Our new hiding place is going to be close to this tree.

I always think how lucky we are to live somewhere like this with these woods and river literally on our doorstep.  The kids all really enjoyed (even the 14 year olds) and since we've got home we have started putting together a little bag of items we can take with us next time to replace anything we take.  

Anyone else tried this.  If not, check out the website - this is such a good idea - mine have always loved treasure hunts and now even the grown ups can take part instead of racing ahead trying to hide something.

Hope you're all having a lovely Easter break.



  1. Wow my boys would love that! Sounds fantastic.

  2. Oh wow, what fun! I'm keen to know if there's any near us now! :)


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