Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Our beach hut

In my teens I was lucky enough to live within walking distance of a few beaches.
Gower has some really beautiful beaches and Langland was the closest to my house.
This was where everyone would hang out after school and on weekends.  
We have pretty good surf in this area and most boys would come here to surf and as girls we would come here to flirt with the surfies.
I met the lifeguard who was my first ever kiss here.

my kids playing on the beach with me sitting down on a camping chair enjoying the view

This year my sister and I are sharing a beach hut on this beach.  
We only have it for the months of April, June and August (someone else gets to rent it for the alternative months).

Every Sunday my husband cooks a roast dinner.
We love our Sunday dinners.
This Sunday we decided to spend the evening at our hut and took a small barbecue and a camping stove.
Instead of roast chicken and all the trimmings we had baked potatoes and sausages in bread rolls with fried onions.
It was lovely!
Sitting, wrapped up warm - the only people taking advantage of the huts and our kids playing ball on the sand.

Our hut is the one with the open doors behind the trees.
Just behind the huts are tennis courts and there used to be a restaurant behind those where I worked as a teenager.
It's funny, but as a teenager I never appreciated what a great place this was to grow up.
As an adult I now feel privileged to have grown up somewhere so beautiful.

And once again here is the view from the hut.

Just imagine how beautiful it would be if we ever had any sunshine!


All photos taken from my phone using Instagram


  1. Love your hut, it looks like a lovely place to spend time with family and relaxation. The view is wonderful too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. How lovely Sam, you are fortunate and it is nice that your kids can enjoy it too. I listed your cushions in store yesterday and they are wonderful. Thanks again and the new design is great. I love it. xx
    PS. The response to your designs on my FB page was fantastic.

  3. Oh Sam, can I come for a visit?! What a lovely place and how lucky you and your family are to spend time there over the next few months!


  4. You have no idea have envious I am!
    I was also brough up visiting those beaches and used to dream of having one of those beach huts in Langland. We used to spend our Summers either there or at Caswell. My head is spinning with the memories as I sit at my computer this morning on the other side of the world in Brisbane. I may now have the sunshine, but nothing beats the memories of teenage years down the Gower.

  5. I shall just head for those trees then Sam...and bring some Yorkshire Puddings!...Sandra x

  6. Hi...I am your newest follower. I wanted to let you know that Ikea does have the blue stripe bedding. While I was there this weekend I saw it and it was actually my favorite one! I will buy it on my next visit.


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