Saturday, 14 April 2012

Numbered drawers

I've had this little set of grey drawers for a few years.  I got them at TKMaxx for about £30 and thought they were really cute but have never really found a place for them.  Until recently they were on top of the cubby hole unit in my craft room, right in the corner with all my fabric and craft paints piled on top.  I've kept hold of it as my plan was to attach it to the top of a small desk or table and paint the whole thing white for Lily to use in her room but as I haven't found a desk yet a few days ago I decided, spur of the moment, to paint some numbers on it.  

I pulled it out from it's hiding place to take a quick photo of the before.

No big change but suddenly, with the addition of the numbers I quite like it so have put it to good use on my sewing table.  It'll be handy having numbered drawers as I can put them to good use especially as they are to hand on my table.

I treated myself to a £2 bunch of tulips to make my little room pretty.

That burlap lamp shade is a craft project gone wrong!  It's something I'll be addressing soon when I can think of an alternative.  The lamp was really cheap but came with a satiny shade which wasn't my cup of tea at all.  I liked the fact that the lamp was tall and thin so perfect for a work table and bought the map above with the intention of using it to recover the shade but it was slightly too small so I hot glued burlap to the shade but it looks awful so back to the drawing board!

A little close up!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.



  1. Isn't it funny how sometimes the littlest change can make such a big difference?! The little cubbies look so cute with their new numbers!

  2. Sempre carini i tuoi post, un buon weekend anche a te!

  3. Super cute! I have an obsession with tiny drawers. :)

  4. They are adorable. Great finish, love the touch the numbers lend. Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  5. I adore little drawers...your grey drawers are charming, and the numbers are perfect! :)

  6. The drawers look so pretty! I love little drawers. I bought a nice timber catalogue drawer recently but don't know where to put it yet. I must think about that. Yours is lovely :)

  7. Everything looks great in your new craft room, especially the numbered drawers. I think the burlap shade looks great too - there doesn't look to be anything wrong with it, in the photo !

  8. Hi Sam, I love the little drawers and they look even better numbered. I wouldn't have confessed about the burlap shade, from where I'm sitting it looks great! Love Linda x


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