Monday, 9 April 2012

A new memo board for my craft room

About a month ago when my sister and I went looking for a desk for Lily's room (sadly with no luck but I'm still on the hunt) I found a hideous mirror but it had a great shape and I knew it would look good as a memo board for my craft room.  The craft room has had a makeover now and I just need to take a few photos and can share my new, tidy and organised space.  It's amazing how clearing away clutter focuses my mind too.  I really struggle working in chaos.

Here is the finished memo board above my new painting and packing table.  It's directly opposite my sewing table, which until now was my 'everything' table.  The tables are identical and used to be in my shop.  My sister had been looking after this one for me in case I needed it so I just got it back off her this week.  I love not having to move my sewing machine out of the way to paint fabric and most of my packing is usually done on the ironing board!

Back to the mirror frame.  It had a really weird, ugly paint finish - like a light paint wash over black.

I removed the mirror and sanded the frame back then applied a coat of Annie Sloane Chalk Paint in white.  Sanded and applied another coat and then rubbed the paint off in some areas before rubbing in some soft wax.  I cut a cork notice board to size and hot glued it in place.

It's great for showing off some of my favourite cards (the pine cone one is really old and is what my business used to be called when I just made Christmas decorations - I keep it for sentimental reasons).

Both my kids have always loved art and Lily left this little picture of me sewing on my desk for me one day.  It's been blue tacked to my wall for ages and now has pride of place on my memo board.

I love this zinc bird and have held it in place with an old pin tack, both of which came from Etsy.

I'll be back this week with some photos of my craft room.



  1. You know what they say , great minds think alike , I'm in the process of making one as well...
    I hope mine turns out as well as yours...
    Blessings Lori

  2. What a great little pin board. I've been on the hunt for a mirror for Sophie's nursery, something that I too can give a lick of paint to but which has a good design/shape. Looking forward to seeing more craft room pics! x

  3. The frame came up so nicely Sam and it looks great as a memo board. I love Lily's drawing of you sewing, how special. xx


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