Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Lily's room in progress

Lily left on Monday for her school trip and won't be home til Friday.
As soon as I waved her goodbye I was off getting sample paint pots.  I didn't want to do this before she went as she thinks we're doing her room later this year so didn't want to make her suspicious.
I loved Farrow and Ball skylight which was a nice grey shade and looked lovely against her red/raspberry fabrics but I suddenly decided it was too grown up a colour scheme for her.
Lily is still very much a little girl - she plays with figures in her bedroom, is constantly crafting and bought all her build-a-bear teddies a dressing up costume back from New York.  This isn't a little girl ready for a sophisticated grey colour in her room.
She originally wanted blue but I really can't afford to replace all the fabrics in her room and then I remembered seeing a beautiful bedroom in Country Home Magazine when Lily was little.  Since I was a teenager I've cut up magazines and kept the cuttings in boxes labelled according to room so it was easy for me to find the cutting.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures but I took a photo of them as my printer/scanner is playing up.

This house was a beautiful home in San Francisco and the whole house was amazing.  I kept the pictures of every room and always loved how the pink went with the blue.

I held one of Lily's throw pillows up against the blue walls in Seth's bedroom and decided to go for it.  I'm not normally comfortable with a lot of colour but Lily did want blue all along and I think the colour scheme is still pretty young.

The blue looks a little grey in these photos but is actually a really nice shade of silvery blue.  You can see it better here in Seth's bedroom.

So for now here are a couple of sneak peaks of where I'm at right now.  Her room is really long and narrow and she has loads of stuff in her room so I am almost finished at one end and about to start the other end - not ideal but it's the way it has to be!

I should finish all the painting by the time she comes home and can't wait for her to see it.  She is such an excitable and grateful child I know she's going to be delighted.

I doubt I'll get the organising done or everything back on the walls by then but that's something that can evolve over time and we can do it together.

Tomorrow my sister and I are going to an antiques centre in the middle of Wales (the one we usually go to when we get the chance) and I'm going to try and find a desk or table that can be used as a desk for Lily's room.  She is constantly drawing and crafting and has a tendency, like her mother, to leave a trail of debris after her - I think with the two of us leaving a constant mess after us my husband is going to leave home.  Hopefully I'll find something which she can use in her room to draw and write at.  Fingers crossed.

Hope you're all having a much more relaxing and hectic week than I am!



  1. So far so good , can't wait to see the rest!!! Love the fabric...Blessings Lori

  2. The colour looks lovely in Lily's room. Good luck getting it all done Sam and good luck with the desk tomorrow. xx

  3. She's going to love it! I love that color combo and it must be fate since you've had those pictures for so long. I hope you have a wonderful shopping day, and that you find the perfect piece for Lily's room. I owe you an email too, I haven't forgotten!

    Kat :)

  4. LOVE IT! and your blog :) Love your newest follower, Liz of Shorely Chic :)

  5. Oh I am sure that Lily just loved her room, it is so fresh and pretty. I love the toile fabric too. Love Linda x


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