Monday, 27 February 2012

Subway Art and my 14 year old son

 I paint a lot of wooden signs and wooden plaques to sell at Christmas parties but have wanted to have a go at making a Subway Art sign for a while.

I don't have a huge amount of spare time to play around with my Silhouette Cameo but when we got back from Seth's birthday party yesterday (see bottom of post) I thought I'd have a go.  

This one was to be a gift for a work colleague who loves New York.

I bought a pre-cut 2ft x 1ft piece of plywood from Hobbycraft.

Painted it white twice, sanding between coats.

I then used the blackboard vinyl I had bought, chose all the same font and a few well known place names and streets and then cut it using my Cameo.

The next part was really fiddly.  The piece of vinyl I used I had cut to the exact length of the board so I could use that to line up the words.  I used masking tape to give me straight lines so that I could apply the letters.  I did have to take some off and reapply a few times if I wasn't happy with the spacing - this was a bit of a pain and made my back ache as I was hunched over for a while.  Funny how I can ignore pain when I'm doing something I like but I'm pretty sure that same back pain would have stopped me loading the dishwasher!

I then painted over the whole thing with black paint and once that was dry I removed the vinyl letters to show the white paint underneath.  I'm sure it would have worked using the rectangle of vinyl as a stencil too but I wanted the letters to be really white and it would have been hard to paint over the black paint.

I gave it to my colleague today and she really loved it.
I think it turned out OK and besides being fiddly it was pretty easy to do.

Now that I've done this one I plan on making one for us for Christmas in pale blue with white lettering but one word in red.  I may do that soon as I think I have the bug!!


Tomorrow my baby boy is 14 and yesterday he had a 'zorbing' party.  If you don't know what that it I had my son strapped inside a large ball and rolled down a hill!  

My husband had a go too!  He's a lot braver than I am!

Seth and his friends loved it.  They all had a couple of turns each and I took videos of each ride and all you can hear is them screaming and whooping.  This video is of Seth and his best friend, Jacob.  The little girls running around are Lily and her friend, Anna (Jacob's sister).  They kept trying to convince me it was perfectly OK for me to lie and say they were 12 so they could have a go!  I didn't!


I've posted most of the blackboard labels but if you left the anonymous comment on my last post contact me so I can get your address and send you a set!



  1. Hello Samantha, thankyou so much for the labels, I am so thrilled and it is extremely kind of you.
    You are so clever, I love your New York sign. I have one I got from TK Maxx which says Covent Garden, I think it's supposed to be like one of those old bus signs. Excuse my ignorance, but what is a 'cameo'?
    I didn't know you called rolling in one of those balls 'Zorbing' it does look like fun, but you must get very dizzy. Belated Happy Birthday to all your birthday boys and girl, you must be exhausted now!

    Have a great week, with love, Linda x

  2. Iv'e seen those in the water...not sure I would go in one though. Seems a bit claustrophobic. They sound like they loved it.

  3. Hi Sam, it has been ages since I have caught up with you and it seems like your life has been busy as always. Your trip to New York sounds like fun (I am rather jealous) and your daughters room looks lovely. I love your subway artwork it looks fabulous. Your friend is very lucky. xx


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