Monday, 6 February 2012

Introducing a little grey to Lily's room

This is just a sneak peek at some of the grey things I've bought for Lily's room.
Lily's room hasn't been touched since she was a baby and she's 10 next week!
At the beginning of March she is going away for a week with her school.
I plan on redecorating her room when she's away (partly to keep me occupied so I don't miss her too much as it's her first trip away with school).  
  She doesn't know this yet so I'm planning on surprising her when she gets home.  
We're keeping the basic colour scheme (raspberry and off white) but going to be adding grey as the main colour.

A charcoal grey rose pillow from Angella Eisman Designs.

A grey crochet pillow I picked up from Zara Home when I visited my brother in Majorca in December.

Two little banners I've made for her - one is burlap with glittered paint and the other is white linen.  
Both have raw edges and the pennants are tiny. 

A cute grey photo frame I bought on holiday in France two years ago.  I loved it and didn't know where to use it but it'll be perfect for her room.  It came from one of my favourite shops there - Maisons du Monde  which is a chain and found all over France and other parts of Europe.  I always buy loads there whenever I go to France.  I also picked up a big white mirror there a couple of years ago which is currently in my craft room but which will be used in Lily's room soon.

...and lastly, a small white ceramic pot I bought in Bordeaux last year.
I thought it would be lovely for her to keep earrings in one day but right now is empty as I have the only (almost) 10 year old in the history of the world who {emphatically} does NOT want her ears pierced.  

I can't wait to redecorate - I just hope it looks as nice as it does in my head!



  1. What a lovely surprise for Lily. I am sure it will be beautiful and that she will love it. My daughter is roughly the same age as Lily, and I can imagine you will be a little fretful when she is away. I hope she has a wonderful trip. Much love, Linda x

  2. That is a great way to be busy and not miss her too much. I can't wait to see what you do to it.

  3. I can't wait to see the touches you add to Lily's room - what a wonderful surprise for her. I love the crocheted pillow and the little ceramic box.

  4. Thanks for the tease...can't wait to see more!


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