Thursday, 9 February 2012

A girly trip to NYC

On Saturday my baby boy, Seth, is flying to New York for a skiing trip in Lake Placid with his school.  He has 5 days on the slopes followed by 2 days in New York City.
On Wednesday his stalker mother is following him.  

As anyone who knows me will confirm (whilst rolling their eyes in irritation) I'm a clingy mother and from the minute I agreed to was forced by everone else to let him go have been anxious.  8 days in a different country to me is more than I can take so Lily and I are going to overlap with him in the city for 4 days.  

I've been before so this trip is going to be Central Park Zoo, American Museum of Natural History, FAO Schwartz, Build a Bear....and anything else my little girl wants to do.  Of course, Mummy has written down the addresses of all 3 Pottery Barn stores and all 5 Anthropolgie stores (one of which is opening while we are there) just in case Lily feels the need to pop into one of them!

We'll go up the Empire State Building and over to Liberty Island plus some friends have recommended the Sky Walk but if anyone has any tips or suggestions I'd be happy to hear them.

We managed to get a really good deal at the Waldorf Astoria and it's long been a dream of mine to stay there so we're really excited now.

Seth has a really busy itinerary so I don't plan on seeing him (unless he runs out of money) but I feel more relaxed knowing I won't be far from him.  Our plane gets back to London two hours before his on Sunday so we'll rush down the motorway in time to meet him off the school bus.  

I expect then we'll all be doing a lot of sleeping.



  1. I'm so excited for you and the kids, and if there is any way possible for me to get up that way I will!

    Safe travels and have a wonderful trip!

    Kat :)

  2. Have a fantastic trip here in the States. We have had a mild winter and I think the forecast for the city will be snow-free next week and fairly mild for February! Soak it all in and enjoy!


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