Sunday, 12 February 2012

The eagle has landed

In this post, the eagle being my son, Seth.
I kept it together waving him off yesterday.
I think I shocked lot of people!

My baby boy looking very excited.  
Despite my anxiety I thinks it's an amazing trip for him and his friends.  They're going to have such a great time and will always remember this trip.

When I was in school my ski trip was to Italy!  Not quite as cool a trip as skiing in Lake Placid followed by shopping in New Jersey and New York and then watching the Knicks at Madison Square Garden!  My husband is more than a little jealous!

Here he is with his best friend on the left and 4 other friends he has had since he was 3.  They've all gone through school together and are all really comfortable with each other.  There are a few other close friends going too plus kids from the year above them.  

After a two hour delay their flight eventually took off and that's when I started to cry!
I watched the progress of their flight online and then cried again when I could see he'd landed.

They had a bit of a wait for their bus and then the journey to Lake Placid took around 6 hours so the poor things were on the road (and in the air) for 24 hours.  

I know he's going to come back with 6 clean underwear and one fit for the bin!
He's already phoned to ask where his glove liners are!
I know he's going to lose at least 2 things!
I know the scenery photos I've asked him to take won't be done!
I know he's going to have the time of his life with great friends and is going to make some amazing memories.
But mostly I know I'm going to miss him like mad!

And the award for the most pathetic, clingy mother in the world award goes to me!!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.


  1. I'm so happy he made it there safely and that you made it through! And sorry, but that award already belongs to me! ;-)

    Kat :)

  2. No Kat is wrong...I'm the clingiest mother....I can be pathetic!

    Just keep picturing him having fun with good people experiencing new things.

    My daughter went on a trip a few years ago after a particularly difficult time in her life. I worried, stressed and cried for 5 days. When I saw the photos, I saw she had been having an absolute riot..every photos she was beaming....that taught me a lesson. I should trust her enough that she will call me if she needs me...which she didn;t. That's our goal in life really as raise them so they don;t need us.

  3. wow what a great trip to go on. lucky kids!
    we all worry but kids seem to survive.


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