Saturday, 14 January 2012

My new niece, a trip to Spain and new wooden letters in the kitchen

At the beginning of December we, plus my sister and her kids went off to Majorca (Spain) where my brother lives to meet this little lady - my brother's new baby daughter.

Beautiful little Manu

(Manuelle Ffion - her mother is Argentinian but grew up in Paris so the Manuelle bit is French and Ffion is a popular Welsh name so they've incorporated both cultures/countries in her pretty name).

While we were there there was an international rugby game between Wales and Australia and a pub in Palma was showing the game so naturally my husband and brother had to go and watch it!  I think it's the law or something!  I drove them in and naturally my sister and I took the opportunity to dump leave the kids with Eugenia (my sis-in-law) and do a bit of shopping.  Palma is really beautiful and the weather was lovely so we really enjoyed having a couple of hours roaming the cobbled streets and alleys looking at all the beautiful shops.

My brother is a useless shopper so gave us money to get our presents and ones for the kids so off we went. 

We found a stunning shop which was full of vintage pieces and lots of new pieces with vintage feel so we both bought wooden letters for ourselves from him.  There were large letters in grey and smaller ones in white.  My sister bought HOME but had to have H M and E in grey and O in white which looks really great.  I bought EAT all in grey as I have a skinny wall in the kitchen where they would perfect.

The letters started off as dark grey paint with distressed edges but I wanted them to have more of a zinc/metallic look so simply rubbed 'Rub'nBuff' in Pewter over them.

You can see here how the look metallic in the light

Here they are on the 'skinny wall'

Looking from the kitchen through the dining room and into the lounge. 

We plan on removing the door by the skinny wall and taking half the wall away (behind the jug) so you will look straight over the cooker (with a half height wall behind it) into the dining room.  I think it will make the downstairs flow better as we have a lot of doors as you can see.  One of our projects planned for this year.

My generous husband told me I could pick a yacht for Christmas when we were in Palma but I struggled between these two so had a pair of Hunter wellies instead!

Palma at night with the palm trees decorated for Christmas.

The beautiful Cathedral lit up at night.   

Palma is a stunning place - we are going to have to visit there more often now so Manu doesn't forget her aunties.  What a chore!!



  1. Manu is darling, and what a beautiful name! I love the letters, and I think your idea of taking down part of the wall and removing the door is a great one! Of course wellies are so much better than yachts! ;-) And lucky you to have to visit Spain so that your niece remembers who you are...hehe!

    Kat :)

  2. What a most gorgeous baby Manuelle is. Your letters look really great where you have them. I have heard that Palma is an amazing city. Good luck with your rennovation plans this year, they sound good. Love Linda x


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