Monday, 16 January 2012


Anyone else having problems opening a page or posting a comment?

cartoon from here

If I click on the name of a blog on my sidebar I can connect to their blog but if I click on the name of their latest post I just get a white screen. 

After I've clicked on a blog name (rather than a blog post) and then try to leave a comment I get redirected to a white page again.

Anyone else having weird problems like this?




  1. Yes, it has been happening to me but I thought it might just have been my iPod. It's quite good to know it's not just me but frustrating none the less! I hope blogger sorts it out :)

  2. I was Samantha and then updated to the new format. I don't know if that helps? Love Linda x

  3. I am trying to see.
    Hope thing work out soon!

  4. I have been having trouble leaving comments via my iPhone or iPad (which is how I usually read blogs) When I pressed comment it would take me to the right box then when I started to type it would immediately throw me out. It seems to have sorted itself out now though. I think it could have something to do with the wordpress blogs rather than blogger ones? Not sure though. It's a pain isn't it?
    I've been trying to send this comment for 2 days now! I'm perservering.....

    1. Yay, it worked!!
      Each time I pressed publish it would just disappear, then this morning straight through. so hopefully it's all sorted now for you?


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