Monday, 19 December 2011

Remember me?

Well, I can't believe it's been three months since I last posted anything.

Working full-time and running an Etsy shop leave you with little no spare time especially in the busy run up to Christmas.  My house has been neglected so I've had no nice clean rooms or finished projects to photograph.  We also had a little trip to Spain a few weeks ago to visit my new baby niece, my {extremely proud} brother's beautiful little baby girl.  We went plus my sister and her kids and had a lovely time - it was nice to see some sun.  This is rare for us Welsh and I'm not lying when I say it was warmer in Majorca in December than it was in Wales this summer.

We were late buying our tree as we went away so we only bought it this week.  The tree sits in our dining room which has double doors into our living room where we have a smaller (fake, but a lovely fake) tree on top of a unit.

The Santa decoration above I bought in Boston when I was 30.  He's a dried gourd, hand painted and I have an angel by the same artist too.  These are two of my favourite decorations.

I made the garland below years ago and although it's really simple I hang it every year.

My mantel - lots of birch, silver and zinc.

Some box leaves from my garden and a cute glittery deer I had on sale.

My mini tree in the living room.

Some angel wings I made after being inspired by some I found on Pinterest.

Since I took this photo this morning I've brought out the chalk paint and painted this mirror frame.  It's something I've wanted to do for ages but have never found the time.  I'll post some photos of the new look mirror soon.

And the best for last - my new vintage bottle dryer I bought yesterday.  When we were in France earlier this year I was hoping to find one of these - I went to loads of flea markets and never saw one.  Then yesterday I found this one at an antiques centre just an hour from where I live.  I knew the second I saw it it was coming home with me.  I've just hung a few mercury glass ornaments on it for now - it looks just perfect to me.

I'm more or less on top of things right now and of course, Etsy sales are slowing down this week, so I've had a pretty productive weekend around the house and have a few more decorations I'd like to share so here's to a relaxing week before the big day!

I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on too!



  1. Gorgeous Sam...Enjoy Christmas and the New Year with your family and loved ones. I have a new baby Grandson, Archie, but won't be seeing him again until January.

    Good to see you back...regards T

  2. Great post to treat us with on your return!
    Merry Christmas!


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