Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Paper angel wings

I think this is my favourite ever Christmas decoration that I have ever, ever made.

I found some gorgeous angels wings on Pintersest but cannot find the source so if anyone knows let me know and I'll credit the photo.  They are such a simple idea but just beautiful.

 So, with these as my inspiration I decided to make my own.

I drew a basic 'angel wing' shape on one side of A4 then folded the paper in half and traced it onto the other side.  I then cut this folded shape out and traced around it for perfectly symmetrical wings.

If you want to make these just help yourself to my template below.

I then cut this shape out of thick card and glued a sheet of vintage sheet music to the front and then cut it to the same shape.

For Christmas my plan was to add a little German glass glitter to the edges but I didn't order it in time (I have ordered some but it'll have to be used for next years decorations). 

Instead I glued a little irridescent fake snow around the edges just so that it has a little sparkle.

I'm going to make one for the back of each dining chair and have bought little wooden letters for each of us so that we can have our initials hanging with the wings.

I love having the time to craft and create.

Dear Santa, for Christmas please can I have more hours in the day?
(and of course John Cusack in my stocking!)
Samantha Johnson (age 45)


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  1. Very pretty Samantha, your table will look gorgeous. ;-)

  2. Sam your angel wings are beautiful! And I hope Santa can bring me a few extra hours each day too!

    Kat :)


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