Friday, 23 September 2011

Camping in style

Wd didn't get to go camping this year.  It's been too wet!
I'm a fair weather camper, NOT a real, hardened camper.

This tent, though, makes me long for a sunny weekend so we can pop off somewhere for a weekend under canvas.

It's a replica VW camper van tent which sleeps 4.

How amazing is this!

My husband has always wanted a camper van.  Now perhaps we can afford one!

Have a happy weekend.



  1. What a fantastic tent! I would not consider camping unless the conditions were perfect.... not something we get very often in this country!
    Have a great weekend. Abby xx

  2. Absolutely class, I love it Samantha! I feel like you about camping too. Quite like the sound of 'glamping'! Have a great weekend, love Linda x

  3. My son would love to sleep out in that!

  4. OK That is wicked cool! LOL.. I would love to have one. We have a vintage camper that we "backyard camp" in. It makes a great little rest spot for me and a helpful extra bedroom when the grandkids come to visit. This tent, however, would be hands down a big hit.

  5. Love it!! My Dad had a green VW camper that we loved to pop the top and camp out in our driveway. It was the best!! I miss that camper.

  6. Samantha this is so fun!! Brings back memories as we had a VW Van when I was a little girl!


    Art by Karena

  7. Hey girl, were are you?
    hope you are okay.


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