Sunday, 7 August 2011

Some of the items I found at flea markets in France

I was a little disappointed with the flea markets I went to while we were in France but did manage to find some lovely things although they took a good bit of digging to find.

Lots of the same vendors were at each flea market and many of the things were too big to bring home.  Also I think they've cottoned on to us Brits going over and buying their stuff to sell on as some of the prices were really high.

Anyway, here are some of my lovely finds.

An alarm clock by French clockmaker's Jaz - I was really pleased with this find as it's such a great piece and the paint on the outside is all worn and chippy - just the way I like!

A vintage glass baby bottle which makes a lovely vase

Plenty of old linen

And some cute souvenir photo packs and old used postcards.

I am slowly ploughing through all the linen which is taking ages to do as I'm washing them one piece at a time on a hot wash to give it a thorough cleaning.  It's been a typical Welsh August here so we haven't had the weather to dry them outside so they've been hanging over my bannisters to dry!  My hall smells lovely though!

I've noticed little holes in a couple of sheets so they will be cut up to make other things out of.  The fabric on these old sheets is just gorgeous and modern fabrics just really can't compare to the quality of these old linens.  I'm delighted I found so many although there were some stalls at the flea markets that had sheets just piled up but the prices tended to be quite high too.  I was lucky with a lot of the ones I found and didn't end up paying 'silly money' for them.

I haven't had a chance to go through everything as I went back to work on Monday and haven't even caught up with washing all our clothes or giving the house a good clean yet so I'm adding my finds bit by bit to my etsy shop.

I came back relaxed and now find I'm running around all the time!
I wish I could learn how to slow down - anyone got any tips?

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend.
We've had a lovely thunderstorm here (I do love the sun but I love thunderstorms more!)



  1. What lovely finds! The only french linen I have seen where I live was way beyond my budget - I'd love to shop at the flea markets you went to.
    Have a lovely week :)

  2. I really like your finds Sam!
    Tad bit envious if your trip to France.
    (but in a good way though).

    What I used to do to prevent being over exhausted after my vacations (when I was living in Europe)
    was doing a major clean up, clear all the sheets of the beds, make sure laundry was done. It was off my mind and done.
    And I did not have to work up a storm afterwards.

    And I would try to do some laundry at the hotels.
    So it would not be overwhelming afterwards. To found that I really had the feeling of being relaxed afterwards.

    Maybe for your next trip?

  3. You found some really beautiful things! I'm sort of glad you said that about the markets though because I've only got one day in Paris in September and I won't have time to visit them, it makes me feel a little better! Rachaelx

  4. What gorgeous finds - That clock is really cute and I love the Moulin Rouge postcard!! x

  5. Cute little clock and lovely linens, love Linda x


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