Sunday, 21 August 2011

Lily's home grown onions

I can't seem to get any projects or decorating finished at the moment.

I've been working and carting the children back and forth to my sister and then am shattered in the evenings.  I've been off since Thursday so took my kids and my sister's kids on the train to Cardiff for the three youngest to make a bear at 'build a bear' - Seth is now sadly too old for this :(

We had a great day, however, from about 8pm onwards Lily and Kitty (my two year old niece) started throwing up and this carried on all night.  On Friday I was too tired to speak and although I stripped the beds and soaked the yucky clothes I haven't got round to any other cleaning and my house is a tip! 

I'm of all next week so hopefully I can get on with more.

Before we went away Lily had planted a few vegetables and strawberries in the garden. We had loads of strawberries but Woody, our golden retriever, ate them as quick as they would grow! Is this normal! Does anyone else's dog eat their strawberries. 

Today Lily came to find me and was really excited to show me that she had picked and washed some onions she had been growing (we thought they had died).  She was so excited and is already planning a bigger vegetable patch for next year.  This kid is such an outdoors kids it's wonderful!

Here is my 'green fingered' baby girl with her proud 'crop'!

I just had to give them pride of place in my favourite salad bowl.

I'm not sure what we're having for lunch tomorrow but I know there are onions in it!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!



  1. Samantha,

    What a dear post. Bless your heart...Mom's are always doing laundry.

    Congratulations, Lily! I can only imagine that it was the best salad ever eaten at your house!


  2. Hello Sam,
    I hope you are having a good week off and managing to catch up on your jobs.
    Just to let you know that I have written a post with a picture of the wonderful sheets I purchased from you... so happy with them, many thanks again.
    A lovely picture of Lily, and what a wonderful crop of onions she has grown... well done!
    Abby x


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