Tuesday, 9 August 2011

French yogurt pot votives

In French supermarkets they sell yogurt and fromage frais in little glass jars. 
For some reason we only have plastic in the UK.

I love the various shapes you can get so always try and bring a few back to use as tea light holders.

They have tons of uses and one of the best is to use them for wine glasses for picnics at the beach!
Throw in a couple with tea lights in too and what a lovely way to spend a summer evening.

This time I brought three different styles back and the other night had some clay left from a wholesale order so made little discs which I flattened and then printed a single letter in each.  I did the words FAMILLE and NOEL.

I used some linen twine I also bought in France (I can't get this string anywhere else so this time brought back about 15 rolls to make sure I don't run out) and looped the twine through the disc, wrapped it round the jar three times and tied it at the back.

With the NOEL letters I tend to use a lot of mercury glass at Christmas so decided to paint the discs silver but it was a little flat so I rubbed a little metallic black craft paint over the silver and just rubbed it in with my fingers so it simply 'stained' the silver.

They would look even better with a little sand or some foliage in the bottom.

Cute and cheap - just like me ;)



  1. These are beautiful Sam! And only the French would sell yogurt in such an elegant way! Love your tags!!

    Kat :)

  2. what cute jars! love what you did with them.

  3. I love those yogurt jars and you have used them so wisely and you are ready for Christmas!

    A beautiful post for which I thank you
    Helen xx

  4. Wonderful idea, I really thought they were metal tags when I first saw them.. x

  5. You are cute but not cheap, just clever! What a cool idea. M&S used to do yoghurts in little churn shaped jars, I wish I had some now!Perhaps they still do them? Good ideas for the beach too. Love Linda x

  6. Good Idea - i like it very much...

  7. gorgeous! I wish we got glass pots here!

  8. I cannot believe yougurt comes in these precious little jars. Really? You really turned the charm up by making darling votives out of them. Nice work! Great eye :o)


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