Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Map confetti

When I went to London last month I fished out my old A-Z's (which we used to use when we lived in London many years ago) and realised just how out of date they were. 

I have a bit of a thing for maps and didn't want to throw them away so decided to make a ton of heart and dove shaped confetti out of them.

First I cut out four big heart shapes of two different roads we lived on in London, the road where we got married and the road where the hotel we had our wedding reception is.  I've put these aside to put into a frame when I find the right one.

I cut out a load of heart shapes using a heart shaped punch.

I then bought a Martha Stewart dove punch off ebay and waited patiently for it to arrive from America and made a load of these. 

They would look great scattered on a table cloth and I've put a few into some of my Etsy parcels.  I haven't finished yet as it's pretty time consuming as I'm only doing one page at a time otherwise they stick together and you have to pull them apart.

I'm storing them in some lovely jars I bought in France last year and they are sitting on my table in my craft room.  I love them and they were such a simple thing to do.  I may make some out of old music sheets next as they would look great scattered aroung at Christmas.

It seemed a shame to throw the maps away and now I have some free pretty scatters instead!



  1. Lovely idea Samantha. I am rather keen on all these map using ideas that are very current. Love Linda x

  2. Hi Sam, I love your ideas for the old maps especially framing the heart shapes with the roads that have special meaning to you. xx

  3. What a lovely idea to use the old maps and create something meaningful to you x

  4. Hey girl!! Thanks for the sweet comment :) I've just been UNINSPIRED!!! I am back though I probably won't be blogging as much :) I will still keep in contact with you -- miss you! All is well in Wyoming....just working HARD and making money so we can get back to the sticks!!! :) XOXOXO


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