Monday, 27 June 2011

Lily's Mummy is a Gleek!

This weekend Lily and I went to London to see the Glee cast live on tour at the huge O2 arena.

The show was on Sunday so we spent the entire day on Saturday in the Natural History Museum.  Whenever we've been there before the children were much younger so it was basically a look at the dinosaurs and then they had had enough.  Lily is now 9 and hungry for information so we went into every gallery and had a great day.  I think I must have walked about 10 miles inside the museum!

We went to Planet Hollywood for dinner but it's moved to a different location since I last went and I didn't like the new place.  Shame because it used to be in Piccadilly Square and was great inside.

Sunday was really hot and sunny.

Lily was really excited to see Glee.  I obviously censor the programme first - there are many she hasn't see or where I've glossed over things they've said but we both love the songs and the cast's voices are amazing. 

They were just as fantastic live and every song sounded as good as it does on the telly.
We were right by the stage but up in the sky (scarily high) so I had to zoom in to get some good photos.

The whole cast all looked like they were really enjoying themselves.

While some others were singing 'Finn' was sitting down in the background and really dancing away in his chair - it was so cool to see them.

By the time we left we were worn out and ready for bed but our train was diverted so it took us an hour to get across London to Paddington and then another 4 hours to get back home. 

We bought the boys (my husband and my son) a box of a dozen Krispy Kreme donughts but by the time we got home three had mysteriously disappeared!

We got in at Midnight and poor Lily had to get up for Sport's Day at school today.

She came second in the endurance race (long distance) and would have come first in the egg and spoon race had her mother not screamed out "come on Lily" and distracted her so she dropped the egg!  Oops!  I think she was too tired to care.

Today I am shattered and feeling my age!  But yesterday I screamed and sang and danced like a little girl so a little exhaustion and aching feet is a small price to pay.

Hope you all had as much fun and sun this weekend.



  1. I have to admit to being a gleek so would really enjoy that concert as well. Sounds like a really fun day, if not a big tiring :)

  2. I can't believe you got to see the cast of Glee live! I am a total GLEEk!!

  3. Hi Samantha. sounds like a great outing. You have to let yourself go sometimes, dance, sing. what a memorable day for mum and daughter. Jane x


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