Monday, 2 May 2011

Turning a filthy old games table into a kitchen cart

The same day I bought the little round table I bought a filthy games table which had also been abandoned and left outside in the yard at the Antiques Centre.  The people there thought I was nuts to want to buy this piece but I liked it and thought it could be turned into a useful piece of furniture especially for entertaining. 

This piece wasn't destined for the scrap heap - it was the scrap heap.
It was actually a home for wood lice - I had to flick dozens of them off before I put it in my car!
I liked the shape and thought that if it was tarted up it would make a handy drinks/nibbles trolley.

Here are some photos of the state it was in when I found it.

And here it is after the top was taken off and the whole thing was sanded.  I like the little manufacturer's label that was underneath the games table so took that off when I painted it.

And here it is after several coats of Rustoleum primer and Heirloom white paint and a bit of distressing.

I'm only going to bring it into the kitchen if we have friends over.
For now I'm going to put it to use in the craft room.
It's such a handy little piece of furniture - it could be used anywhere - it would look great in a bathroom with spare towels and a bowl of gorgeous soaps - there's even room for a glass of wine!

Not bad for a fiver!


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  1. You have a real talent! That looks great.

  2. My goodness, what a transformation! I'd have never given it a second glance but not it looks fab!

  3. All I can say is WOW! You really tranformed that piece. Love the after pic and your chalkboard. I

  4. Beautiful!

    *Guess what I have for you!!!!! (It's about stinkin' time, huh??) ;) Please let me know where to ship your goodies, if you are still interested. I have two pristine jars about 1 quart, and a matching 2 quart jar- all with zinc lids. :)

  5. Wow, talk about seeing potential, you certainly did! The table turned out beautifully, so glad you rescued it!

    Kat :)

  6. Looks like a million bucks now!
    Great job!

  7. Love it...yet another successful revamp...well done, looks fantastic...T

  8. Samantha, this project turned out great! I can't believe you took the beat up, old, worn out game cart and turned it into something truly beautiful. Great job and thank you so much for using Rust-Oleum.

  9. What vision you have! It looks fab, and so useful as you say. Linda x

  10. Wow! I love this! How fabulous! My husband and I are renovating an old cottage farm and I'm constantly searching for project inspiration. This is such a cool piece and I love what you've done with it!

  11. I love it :) amazing job :) would love to do something like that in the future

  12. Wonderful transformation - it looks great!

  13. Love love this!

    xo Jessica

  14. Such a lovely redo!! Turned out wonderful!! xx HOlly

  15. Oh I am so glad you saved it!!! It's so beautiful with the care you gave it :) nicely done! found you through Jennifer Rizzo's party!

  16. Your amazing. You took something not that good looking and made it into a masterpiece of beauty. You really have talent.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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