Sunday, 22 May 2011

The kindness of bloggers

I know this is not a new or original name for a blog post but I think the reason it's used so much is that there is no better way to sum up how incredibly thoughtful and generous so many of you are.

A while back I wrote a post after I bought my first Ball Mason Jar. 
As these are American they are impossible to find in the UK so I had to buy one from American ebay and the postage was really expensive.  Since then I've bought a couple more but just three with the cost of shipping set me back not far off £80.

Regan who writes the blog A Day In The Life wrote to me at the time and said that she would keep an eye out for some for me and send them to me.  As we all know life is hectic and looking for jars for a complete stranger was not a priority for her so I was delighted when she contacted me a few days ago to tell me that a box of jars was on the way to me.

 She sent me the three gorgeous and perfectly packed jars shown above, one of which is a quart sized jar.  I LOVE them.  They go perfectly with the three I already have.

And they all look great together on an open shelf in my kitchen with my favourite plate which I bought from TKMaxx a few years ago. 

If you don't already know Regan check out her blog, especially her recent project where she built, from scratch, an amazing play kitchen for her daughter.  She did such a great job it makes me wish Lily was little again so I could try and make her one.  I doubt I could do as good a job as Regan has though.

I am constantly amazed a how lovely and kind so many of you are to total virtual strangers and it's just one of the many things I love about blogging.

Thanks so much, Regan.



  1. I'm SO glad you like them (and thankful they didn't break!!) They look absolutely lovely on your shelf!
    Thanks for the shout-out and link! Hope you have a great weekend...

  2. Girl, you would do the same thing!! That was so nice of her and they are gorgeous!!

  3. Lucky me, I found you today via Flowers On My Table (did you know she featured you?). Funny, I just saw those in a UK store the other day and I thought, 'Hmm, I didn't know they made those here!. Now I know :) They are a dime a dozen back home - had I known, I would have brought crates of them in my shipping container :) XOL

  4. I just found you via Flowers on my Table and your blog is so lovely! I love the Ball jars - I have 3 I picked up in Canada (but the aqua ones are American - in Canada the old ones were only clear). And even so they only cost me a couple of dollars each. They look so pretty on your shelf :)

  5. Your jars are fab Samantha, I love the blue colour of them. You are right bloggers are so kind and supportive, it's quite refreshing! Love Linda x


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