Friday, 25 March 2011

Wooden walls (or are they?)

Well, my home PC has another virus so it's been left unplugged for the last week or so. 
My only chance of catching up on blog reading is at my office at lunch or on my son's laptop.
All my photos are on my PC so are inaccessible.
We've already paid 50 quid to get the first virus removed so I'm not willing to keep chucking money at something which is obviously on it's way out so we'll have to start saving.  However, I am in the middle of having root canal work on my teeth so the PC will have to wait until I've finished paying for that !

Anyway, while at the dentist this week whilst browsing through one of their home magazines (to calm my nerves) I came across the most amazing wallpaper.  Yes, these wooden walls are all wallpaper! 

I'm not normally a wallpaper person partly because I don't fancy ever having to remove something that's been stuck to walls and having to make that good before I can redecorate. 

I am however, a wood person so I can't see that I would ever want to cover this up.

It's pretty expensive at £145 a roll but one roll covers approx 4 m sq so one roll would be enough to bring a huge amount of character to a little corner of your home. 

I think this would look great on one wall in a teenage boys bedroom, especially if you're going for that surf shack look.

I think this one would look amazing on one wall in a beach house or holiday home.

The wallpaper is called Scrapwood Wallpaper and is by Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek

It comes in lots of designs including a very dark polished wood which would look great in a boutique hotel style of bedroom.  That style would obviously look completely out of place in my 'take us as you find us and step over the shoes' kind of house I have but I can still appreciate it's beauty.

I just love this wallpaper. 
What do you think?  Love it or hate it?



  1. I love it!! It brings wonderful texture to a room!
    Sorry to hear of your pc woes and about your tooth too, ouch! I hope both get fixed soon!

  2. interesting the look! i just found your blog...i have you as a favourite on etsy..i especially love the whale pillow but they're all great.

  3. I am not a wallpaper person...but I have never had wallpaper that looked like that...LOVE it.


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