Saturday, 19 February 2011

Pom poms, turquoise cupcakes and a 9 year old

Yesterday my baby girl was 9.

Before you read much further you're going to ask yourself - "Flippin' heck, how many photos of one table can a person take?"  Well the answer is 39 if you love how the room looked but don't worry - I'm not going to show you them all!

Lily's actual birthday party isn't until Monday but yesterday her best friends came home from school with heer for tea and then we all went to the cinema.  I got to bed at 2.10am the night before and we got up at 6 so Lily could have a special birthday breakfast and open her presents before school so don't ask me if the film was any good as I fell asleep in the cinema!

I wanted to make the dining room look really pretty for her as a surprise.
This is my first attempt at pom-poms and I just love them.

I knocked up a little white linen table runner the night before.
Quick tutorial - iron some linen, make a snip at one end and rip.  Repeat.  Iron.
Hey presto a simple but pretty table runner.

I put some creamy roses into one of my treasured Ball Mason jars and used a heart shaped punch to make some tissue paper hearts which I scattered all over the runner.

Everyone who knows me knows I can't cook!  So a colleague made some gorgeous cupcakes which were covered in edible glitter so really sparkled.  The colour was a happy accident - she panicked as I asked for pale blue but they came out more turqoise.  I love the colour and it sort of helped with the way the decorating of the table ended up.

I brought out my favourite wine glasses which are really thick and robust so I didn't worry about breakages.  I bought kids champagne - basically sparkling fruit juice with a cork in the bottle.  Before anyone tells me this is wrong and I am just encouraging children to drink please note that I don't drink alcohol (apart from once a year on my works Christmas do where I just drink enough to make me think I'm good at dancing!  This is usually just a couple of bottles of beer) but I thought the girls would feel really special having such a fuss made.

The party bags contained all their treats for the cinema but on the table we wrapped little sparkly eye shadow sets in plain A4 paper with a little message from Lily on it.

My baby girl is in the middle with the blue 'Team Edward' (of course!!) baseball top on.
The others have been her best friends in the world since she started school when she was 3 and they are a great bunch of friends.

"Happy 9th Birthday Lily Manon"

"We love you 16 and a million"


(when Lily was tiny she used to think 16 was the biggest number in the
 world til her brother told her that a million was actually the biggest number in the world.  So then she changed her 'how much I love you' announcements to "I love you 16 and a million!"


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  1. I do love the turquoise cupcakes, they go beautifully with your Ball jar.

    The room looked lovely. I am sure all the girls had a lovely time. I miss doing parties for my kids....

  2. Love it all - the table looks so pretty and the cupcakes are a really lovely shade. Your pom-poms turned out beautifully. Happy birthday to your gorgeous Lily x

  3. Beautiful, you made a really good job and thanks for the linen tip - never thought about doing something like that before!

  4. How sweet that your daughter has kept the same friends since she was 3. I love it! The turquoise cupcakes were a happy accident. I adore pink but it's fun to see something other than that color used for a girls birthday party.Happy birthday to Lily! Love the name Lauren and Lily. I so need a girl, haha!
    Have a nice weekend! ~Michelle :)

  5. Everything looks beautiful! Such a wonderful day you planned for your daughter. I'm sure she loved everything! Happy Birthday Lily!

  6. Oh Sam what a lovely birthday for your beautiful Lily! These are the memories they will have forever! Even at 23 my daughter still talks about the birthday parties I threw for her. I'm sure Lily will be talking about this one for a very long time too!

    Kat :)

  7. Oh my Sam, everything is so pretty! Those pom poms are dreamy!!!
    She is one lucky girl to have you !!!!

  8. what a sweet party. Love all your decorations.
    the pom poms are so fun and such a girly elegance.

  9. This is just darling~ I adore your sweet pom pom flowers and table top! Looks like such a fun party! New follower- love your blog! Stop by and say hello sometime! :)

  10. Splendido!
    ...and happy birthday!

  11. I saw your pretty LOVE pillow on My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia. The cupcakes are cute!

  12. Oh, what a special party you made for her. I love everything....the pom poms, color theme, table runner tutorial and *especially* the wine glasses. There is nothing that makes a child feel more special than responsibly using something delicate and breakable and usually not reserved for children. :-) I'd love it if you'd link this project up on my Marvelous Mess party!! I'll be picking one project to feature prominently on my sidebar for a week!! Here is the link:

  13. Simply beautiful! I love pom-poms and yours turned out great. Love the blue and white.


  14. It was the sweetest and I wouldn't have minded one bit to see all 39 photos!

  15. What a gorgeous party. I love the '16 and a million' thing too..Rachaelxx


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