Saturday, 5 February 2011

My craft room progress

I've been busy after work recently moving stuff upstairs and trying to organise all my craft supplies in a really practical way.  I'm one of those people who spends a lot of time thinking about where things should go and not actually doing much.  This coupled with a week of horrible sinus headaches (again!) and internet connection problems has made progress on this room pretty slow. 

Anyway, at last I now have a space where I can do all my craft work and the best thing of all is that we have our dining room back and my study area is (almost) tidy.

I needed the room to have a few functions.
The first was somewhere to store my fabrics and my pillows.

This burnished metal clothes rail was bought from France when I had my shop.  I used to sell kids bedding by a Danish company called Greengate and I bought the rail to hang throws from and to pile more throws and cushions on the shelf below.

I love this rail and would never part with it.  I kept it as one day I want a laundry room and want this to be used there.  For now its being put to good use here to hold folded fabrics on the shelf below and pillows ready for printing and sewing from the rail.

I bought some new wooden clothes hangers and sanded off the varnish then stamped each hanger with the measurements of the pillows I make.  That way I can cut a load of pillows ready for printing and sewing which should save me a lot of time and mess.

I bought this vintage looking basket from Home Sense a while ago and was keeping it for my 'one day' laundry room but for now it's just the right size to hold the pillow inserts I need to pop into my pillows when I photograph them to sell on my etsy shop.

We've had our wicker hamper for years.  We brought it back from London with us and it used to hold Seth's dressing up clothes - he was a red power ranger for about two years!
It's quite big and has been a bit of a pain over the years as we've never known where to put it.  It's ideal here as it can hold my ready made pillows and covers.

I would like to stencil a word or some numbers on the front to vintage it up a bit but am undecided about what to stencil - any suggestions?

We've had this chair a long time but it's broken and has been up the attic for a long time.
It now has a nice new home here and will be used as a prop when I'm taking photos of my pillows.
These little teddies used to live on the spare bed - I can't hide them away in a cupboard so they can stay here.

I had two of these long thin tables made a few years ago.  The first one was to use in our study before I found the right desk.  Then I lent it to the shop and liked how it looked there so had another made for the shop.  My sister has been looking after them in her house and gave me one back to use as a sewing, packing and painting table.

I've put one of our dining chairs here for now so need to get a nice comfy chair.
I love the picture above the table but it looks out of place here now - it's called Amroth Storm and is of a beach in West Wales we love going to.
I plan on putting a large notice board here for lists and ideas etc.
This is on my to do list.

Craft supplies storage was the other thing I needed.
I had a unit built for the shop which has been in a  friends garage since the shop closed.
It's just the right thing for here so I made a linen curtain for the front which I threaded onto dowel and hung with cup hooks at either end for easy removal.

Here it is without the curtain.

I bought these little grey drawers from TKMaxx about a year ago and never knew where to put them.
I think they'll be quite useful here.

And finally some little tin pots from Ikea with blackboard pegs on the front to keep my most used supplies handy.

There are still a few things we need to do to get the most out of this room.
There is a closet in the room which is double width but with a single door.  My husband is going to open up the space and add shelves for more storage.

I need some lamps and a nice light fitting, a notice board and some nice things on the wall.  These will come.

I've only spend £20 on this room - £14 for the linen to make the curtain for the storage unit and £6 for the wooden clothes hangers.

I'm sure how I use the storage will evolve constantly but I now see light at the end of the tunnel - the rest of my house is now looking like a home again instead of covered in a constant cloud of burlap dust!

Another good thing about having a craft room upstairs is that I can work after everyone is asleep - I'm scared of the dark so my poor husband has to stay up with me (usually sleeping on the sofa) until I've finished sewing and now he doesn't have to - everyone's happy!

Hope you like it!


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  1. Your room looks those baskets and that rack is really "cool"!!!


  2. Oh Samantha it is lovely. I'm loving all those baskets too and that metal rack is gorgeous. Loving all the little bits you've added so pretty.

  3. I really like how you have both hidden and open display space. I find when I can "see" too much I get distracted.

  4. Sam you are so lucky to have the space to create a craft room and then to have made is so beautiful and inspiring. (With wainscoting to boot!) Hopefully you'll get to spend some quality time there to enjoy the place.

  5. So perfect! I need something like have everything at your finger tips!

  6. Hi Samantha, your craft room looks great. What a perfect space and you have set it up to look gorgeous yet very functional and stylish. ;-)

  7. Bravo! Such a beautiful, creative space. I love the idea of hanging your fabric on that beautiful rack. Can we know the paint color above the wainscott? It's so pretty.

  8. You have created such a comfy little place to create! Enjoy putting the finishing touches in!

  9. It looks absolutely wonderful!

  10. Thank you all for your lovely comments. I'm really pleased with how it's looking so far. Deborah - the colour on the walls is Off White Estate Emulsion by Farrow and Ball. This colour was a happy accident - I found a rusted tin of it in my shed a couple of years ago and couldn;t remember buying it. I used it up to save money and loved the colour so much I've used it all over the house. It's neutral but very slightly green in some light.

  11. I want a room like this. My workroom is a spare room, a computer room, a library, the built in wardrobes are a storage cupboard for things I haven't looked at for a 'while', and it's not very big!! But I did paint it about 2 years ago. Started with good intentions. This looks so 'comfy' and organized. Lovely...T

  12. your new space looks great!
    I type this as I have been sewing this weekend and guess where I am sewing???? yep, the dining room table. Hoping to carve out a little space with adoor and some room for shelving in the next few weeks so we can claim our dining room table back.

  13. Dear sam
    I have just found your blog and I spent a looong time browsing through all your pics, it a was a refreshing breeze! A new blog to LOVE :) I am so happy! Your modern home turned to cottage is just so sweet. I love all the little details and the atmosphere you created.
    I am also in the process of redecorating my house, a modern house as well, because I couldn't afford a period cottage.. so I am trying to tranforming the inside to make a country chic little home. Although the process seems neverending!!! (I guess you know what I am talking about)
    Your craft room looks lovely, very calming and sweet. It must be a very relaxing room, perfect for making your cushions!
    I love how you organized everything. I am also a storage/organisation fanatic!!!
    A big hug


  14. Sam it looks so great and I know you are happy to have the rest of your house back! I love how your craft room turned out, it really is a beautiful space for you to work and be inspired in now! And I think a stencil on the hamper would be lovely!

    Kat :)

  15. Your craft room looks great! LOVE the fabric rack!

  16. This really turned out great! Don't you just love your own creative space?


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