Wednesday, 26 January 2011

One thing leads to another...

A lot has been happening in our house which has kept me away from my blog for a while.

We have decided to go ahead with turning our spare bedroom into a craft room.  I did have reservations as I like the bedroom and I feel a bit weird about 'gutting' the room - almost as though I am devaluing our house.  But as my husband said - it's still a spare room, just without a bed!

Deciding to go ahead with this left us with the problem of where to put the bed from that room.  It's only a couple of years old and has literally only had guests in it a handful of times so I didn't want to sell it.  Our garage was converted into a kids lounge a few years ago so we had no big space to store it.

My husband came up with the solution.  He worked out that although technically the beds are the same size the frame on the spare bed is slightly bigger than the one on our bed so dismantled ours and put it, and mattress, underneath the spare bed which he moved to our room. 

I had already made a bed skirt for the bed so everything is completely hidden underneath and when we want to turn it back into a guest room there'll no need to shop for furniture.
It looks quite orangey in the photos but it's not that bad in 'real life' - just a nice warm wood.
I am loving it as we are sleeping on a new mattress and the base board is much lower than the one on our other bed so it doesn't feel so closed in. 
Happy Days!!
My craft room is now a work in progress.  I have a sewing table and a storage unit but have quite a bit to do in there to get it functional.  I can't wait to have a space just dedicated to my crafts and also to have a nice tidy dining room which has been my sewing room for the last few months.  The ironing board has been set up there permanently.  Shocking!
At last I will be able to let people in through the door again.
I'll be doing a lot of work on it this weekend so hopefully will have some photos to share soon.
Thanks for all your lovely comments and e-mails - sorry I haven't replied to them all. as (as usual). I have a million things on my 'to do' list which leave me with not much spare time.
On another note I'm worn out and am sick of working full-time.  I have so little spare time that my hair is begging for a cut and my eyebrows are so overgrown my husband is going to have to start them off with a hedge trimmer soon.  This week I formally requested to reduce my hours in work from 5 days to 4 so if that's allowed I'll have more time to blog and drool over all your beautiful homes and crafts - fingers crossed!


  1. Oh, the duvet cover (is that what it is?) is LOVELY!!! I want a beautiful white one just like that!

  2. Sam I love how the guest room bed looks in your bedroom, it doesn't look orange at all to me! And I'm so happy for you that you'll now have a dedicated craft/sewing room! I hope your employer will let you take the extra day off each week, you've been going a million miles per hour for too long!

    Kat :)

  3. Good for you of knowing what you need and stepping back on work hours. While I can't reduce my days worked, I can make sure I make time for me. Take a lunch. Set a limit to days during the week working "late" There is always something to do.

    How fun that you switched up the beds. Great idea.

  4. What an awesome idea! You will probably get more use out of the room!

  5. Good luck Sam I hope your reduced hours are approved. I know exactly what you mean as I put in my request a few weeks ago and as of tomorrow I am working a 4 day week and finishing a bit earlier every day so I can be home with Nicholas after school! xx

  6. I can only imagine how happy a craft room will make you feel. All those crafts to be created! I'll be looking forward to pics!

  7. I love the bed. It looks beautiful! And having a craft room will be so nice!

  8. You will love having your own craft space! We have a spare room/junk room that I would love to organise into a craft room. Maybe that can be my project for 2011....

    Looking forward to seeing some photos when you're all organised!


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