Tuesday, 30 November 2010

My Christmas Mantle

Tonight I started my Christmas decorating.

I decorated my fireplace with some of my favourite things at the moment - mercury glass, blackboard and zinc.

Little dollops (I love that word!) of sparkly fake snow.

Some vintage ice skates.

Lots and lots and lots of mercury glass in all shapes and sizes.

And a favourite Danish zinc sign in front of the mirror.

The (almost) finished fireplace - I still need to add stockings.

I still would prefer a white fireplace with possible some board and batten panelling above it to tie in with the panelling in the hall.  I'll add it to my 2011 'to do' list.

One (part of a) room down - several more to go!

Happy decorating everyone.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Not long til Christmas

Today is my birthday.

As soon as my birthday is over the countdown to Christmas begins.
This is even more the case this year as we've had loads of snow today - the first time I ever remember it snowing on my birthday.
And there's more to come :)

This year I want lots of white, zinc and mercury glass.
Very simple and very Scandinavian.

The children's little TV room on the other hand is likely to be a different story!
The more decorations the better is their philosophy.
As usual I may have to remove a few things after they've gone to bed - what a terrible Mum I am!


Black Friday discount on my Etsy store

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving yesterday and are not too full of turkey to move today (I love that feeling!)

Today I'm giving 15% off everything in my Etsy store.
Just add code 261110 at checkout

Friday, 19 November 2010

Free shipping on Etsy

I desperately need to reduce my hours at work.
I have very little time to ready all your blogs at the moment and no time at all to post anything myself. 
I'm trying to peep in now and again but only for a minute or two.
Please don't hate me for ignoring you :)
I am literally getting home from work and crafting until I go to bed.
I tell myself it will all be worth it after Christmas when things slow down and I can just collapse in a chair and have a rest for a while.
I'm also hoping it'll help us pay for the flights for next year's holiday.

From now until Monday night I'm offering free shipping on all my pillow covers and a few other bits'n'pieces in my Etsy shop.

I hope to catch up with you all soon.


Thursday, 4 November 2010

Halloween Party 2010

I was outvoted by the entire street and we ended up having our Halloween party on Saturday. 

After Melaine from My Sweet Savannah shared with us her sign inspired by one in the Halloween Special issue of Better Homes and Gardens I scoured the earth for a copy (which I had to get from ebay in the States) and made my own version.  It was actually made on the day of the party so was really rushed but it came out OK - I may take more time and make a better one for next year.

Our front garden is a graveyard every year.

Shabby fireplace

My plan in the hall had been to buy cheap black frames and use them to frame spooky pictures of us and some spooky quotes - "I am Dracula and I bid you welcome"....
I couldn't find any cheap enough frames (Ikea trip for next year I think!) so I mounted them onto black card and put a smaller frame of black card around the pcitures and quotes to give them some structure.

I took photos of us all screaming or looking scared and edited them in picnik - I had white eyes and vampire teeth, my husband had a spider dangling in front of his face, Lily had red vampire eyes and bloody vampire teeth and Seth had zombie lime green eyes and blood trickling from the corner of his mouth.

Once the party started my camera was forgotten so I didn't take photo's of anyone in costume except for my sister and her family - they are all from Harry Potter - Ned is (a curly blond !) Harry Potter, Kitty is his owl, Hedwig, Simon is Dumbledorr and Bec is Professor McGonegal.  They looked amazing and so did all the other kids who dressed up.

Unfortunately it rained (see, we angered the spirit world by having the party on the wrong day - I knew something would happen) and everyone ended up in my house with muddy shoes and my house was a tip!  As if I didn't have enough to do :)

Never mind - it was a great party and now we have Christmas to look forward to. 


On the subject of Christmas my sister and I went to London yesterday to one of my wholesale suppliers and picked up some stuff for my first Christmas sale this Saturday.  I got some lovely stuff to complement the stuff I've been making to sell - lots of mercury glass (including a huge jar just for me!) and some lovely candle and tea light holders.  I'll try and get a few photos to show you tomorrow.


Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Yay - I was featured on Etsy's Front Page

I was going to post my Halloween party photo's today but I've woken up to find that one of my stockings has made it to the Front Page of Etsy.  I'm so excited as it's my first time to be featured there.  On top of this an American interior designer whose work I adore (I have tons of her photos saved on my computer) e-mailed me this week as she wanted to buy one of my pillows.  I'm not a very confident person and quite critical of my work and things like this really boost my confidence.

I'll be walking on a cloud all day today!

Halloween pics to follow.