Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Honey I'm home ..... and get ready for a giveway

We're back from France - relaxed and shattered at the same time!

We had wonderfully long and relaxing days by our pool which we all needed but lots of travelling and no sleep on the ferry on the way back so it's taking a few days for things to get back to normal here.

Lily, Kitty, Ned and Seth
(my babies and my sister's babies at an amazing zoo in france)

I was thinking of you all while I was away and bought a few lovely things which I will be giving away to some lucky winner soon.  Watch out for this giveaway within the next couple of days along with lots of lovely photos of our trip.

I can't wait to catch up on all your blogs

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Au revoir mes amies

Tomorrow night (well about 2am Friday morning actually) we will be driving off to France for 10 days.

I hope the weather brightens up as my sis has already been there for a week and we've had better weather in Wales than they have had there apparently.

We will have no telly and no internet access and are taking lots of games and books so I bid you all au revoir for now and look forward to catching up on your blogs on my return a week Sunday.

Until then I leave you with a pic of the friendly local onion sellers! 

source: Getty images

A bientot!


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Fantastic giveaway over at DustyLu

Dreams do come true as Lu from DustyLu can testify.

She, like so many of us, is a huge fan of Rachel Ashwell and after just a short time blogging and showing off her amazing photography skills it seems the feeling is mutual.  Rachel has hired Lu to photograph some of her products for her new website Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture.

In honor of this Rachel has kindly given Lu two signed books to offer as a give away so head on over to DustyLu's blog for a chance to win one of either of Rachel Ashwell's books pictured below.

Also make sure you check out Rachel's new website for some gorgeous eye candy:

I'd like one of everything please!


Monday, 7 June 2010

A craft room in the garden

Next Friday we are off to France - yippee!
I've been looking up brocantes and flea markets in the area we are staying in in the hopes of finding some old linen to make cushions out of - fingers crossed!

When we come back from holiday at the end the month my mission will be to save up (easier said than done with me!) for a garden shed.  Not just any old 'lawnmower and shovel storage' shed but a workspace for me.  Somewhere for me to sand wood without it going all over my oak floors.  Somewhere for me to have bits of painted wood drying out without paint dripping all over my dining table and us having to eat off our laps.

Somewhere like any one of these....

image: Weatherstrong

image: source unknown

image: Tricia Foley

image: source unknown

image: source unknown

image: source unknown

image: Better Homes and Gardens

image: source unknown

If I had a space like any of these to work in I know I would get so much more done.

A small patio or deck outside would be a must too as it would be so nice to sit outside my 'shed' with a nice cold drink after a hard days crafting!


Am I the only one who lusts after sheds?!
I really need to get out more!


Sunday, 6 June 2010

Summer Mantle

I decided today to give my mantle piece a fresh new look.  I was bored with what was displayed on there before so moved a few things around to freshen it up a bit.

I took a couple of starfish from the bathroom and a couple of white candlesticks which I bought on sale in Laura Ashley about five years ago and have never used.  They've been sitting in a cupboard ever since.
My sister brought me the barnwood frame back from her honeymoon (and wedding) in South Africa four years ago.  It was the first time I had seen a frame like this and I love it - she has loads all over her house.

I'm still thinking of painting the mantle piece or just having a new surround made.  It's on my mile long list of things to do when I have more money and time....


Thursday, 3 June 2010

A new look

When my son was 6 he decided he wanted to grow his hair long.  Seth has quite curly hair and initially I hated it and forced him to get it cut as for a while he looked like he was wearing a hat!  The following year we persevered and got past the 'hair hat' look.  He has looked like this ever since.

Seth at the hairdressers a few hours ago
He was booked in today for a trim.  Just an inch or so off before we go on holiday.  For a couple of months he has been saying he wants to have it all cut off and I've been dead against it as I felt he wouldn't look like him and I would be too upset.

The hairdresser started by cutting an inch off then he and Seth ganged up on me and I got talked into letting him have it all cut off.

Here is my new look son:

Can't wait to invite his friends up to look!

I couldn't get a nice photo but actually I'm really pleased with it - you can see his lovely eyes and it will be a lot nicer for him over the summer and when we are in France.

And I didn't even cry!!


Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A walk in the woods

The children are off school this week for half term and I've taken a couple of days off work to go out and about with them but on Monday we decided to go for a long walk in the woods right next to my house with my sister and her family.

There are two houses between my house and this gate which goes into the forest around my home.  Our home is part of a development which was built in the middle of a forest.  The idea was to build an entire 'village' with a pub (which was never built much to my husband's disappointment!), a village shop, a village hall, a village green, a duck pond and even a village clock!  The development was comprised of 8 hamlets each with a different style of home - my home is built out of cotswold stone - others are brick, render, mock tudor etc. 
There are various routes you can take in the forest and the longest one completely encircles the village ending up by a river - this is my favourite walk.
You don't cross any roads and only see cars at a car park at the end near the river.

lovely views

Seth and my niece, Kitty.

My kids, my nephew and a couple of neighbours


My sis, Ned, Kitty and Fred (her dog) exploring the water

Lily concentrating on not falling in!

Fred loves the water - it's hard to get him out..

..on the other hand Woody (my dog) is petrified of going out of his depth and constantly runs to Mummy in a panic!

The village pond on the way back home

the village babies!

My poor baby boy had a slip in a small pond en route to the river and was so proud of his war wound he made me take a (10) photo(s)!

He insisted I show one to you all - sorry if you're squeamish!