Saturday, 18 December 2010

Waking up to a blanket of white

On Thursday we had a bit of rain and sleet so we didn't expect the snow which had been forecast to stick. 

We woke up to this scene on Friday morning.

It's funny but my kids never seem to jump out of bed as quickly as they do after it's been snowing.

So pretty - the view from my spare bedroom window

The gate into the forest just outside our house - my kids have posed for a photo at this gate every time it has ever snowed here - it's such a pretty sight looking into the forest behind them

The view from the forest back into my street

Seth spend ages rolling a huge snowball.

Snow always means hot chocolate to my children so I've had to make sure we've got plenty of cocoa, marshmallows, cinammon, Cadbury's flake and squirty cream on hand.


The cold weather always makes me crave comfort food.

Today I made cheese scones.  Whenever you think of Britain chances are you think of scones with jam and cream but as much as I love these I make cheese scones far more often.  I'm sure I've mentioned before that I'm useless in the kitchen other than when it comes to organizing cupboards and drawers so unlike so many of you I don't have any amazing recipes to share but if you want something quick and easy (and unhealthy) here you go:

Cheese Scones

Today I ate them with crispy bacon in the middle - gorgeous but very naughty!

My kids love me making these scones.

Hope you enjoy too!

Make your own recipe cards here
(I found these thanks to My Sweet Savannah)



  1. Snow! Snow! So pretty...I'm hoping for some across the pond! The kid pics. are great! Hope that snowman turned out okay and oh my yumminess...that scone looks deeelish! Alyssa of Boston Bee

  2. What BEAUTIFUL pictures, Samantha!

  3. Sam you did get snow didn't you! It's so perfect when it snows just in time for Christmas. I love that you take a photo of your children by the gate each time it snows, what a wonderful keepsake. And when I was little, snow always meant hot cocoa too, it was one of the only times we had it...not sure why!

    Thanks for the recipe, I've always wanted to try and make scones, maybe I'll give these a go!

    Enjoy your snowy weekend!!

    Kat :)

  4. Oh wow! It is like a winter wonderland...beautiful!


  5. How long as you don't need to go out in one of those cars!!!!!
    Somehow snow has much more appeal than our rain!
    wishing you a very happy Christmas full of love and laughter. J

  6. Why is it that crows love the snow so much?

    Ellen Hite

  7. The snow is gorgeous!!!
    Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

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