Friday, 3 December 2010

Lily's bedroom decorated for Christmas

Lily has been really keen to decorate her bedroom for Christmas.

She loves crafting so has been drawing pictures of snowflakes and Santa and has stuck them all over her bedroom door - they have been banned from the walls!

She really wanted a small tree in her room and had pointed out a white tinsel tree which I did consider but decided to have a go at making her a white 'twig tree' instead.

My husband never complains when I rope him in to help me with a little project.

He cut some straightish branches off a tree in our garden for me.  We laid them out on the floor and he cut them to size for me - one long one for the 'stem' then four more each decreasing in width to go across the tree.

I glued them into place first with my hot glue gun and then tied them in place with string.

After it was all nice and secure I painted the whole thing white and Lily gave it the finishing coat.

I cut a piece of white linen and left the edges raw to make a sort of snowy table runner.

I love my black(ish) florist bucket which I've had for years.  I have a smaller zinc pot which I had planned on using but it looked better in the florist bucket.  We wrote Ho Ho Ho down the front in chalk.

The Christmas stocking is made from vintage French fabric - I bought it at a Christmas Market in Bath (historic city in England) a few years ago.  It's used just for decoration as we use Christmas sacks I made years ago for their stocking fillers.

This picture is one of a few which normally hang above her drawers but I took them down as it all looked too busy with the tree in front.  I kept this one out though as it's of a child praying and I just love it.

I also kept the little china shoes out as I think they are adorable and they fit with the red and white colour scheme.

We also put her Maileg bunnies on the other side (mainly to fill up the blank space) but also because we thought they looked cute.

We then had fun going through our many decorations picking out ones which were small and either red or white. 

To finish it off I bought some battery operated tiny flashing lights which we wound around the central stem.  The battery pack is hidden behind the bucket.

Lily is delighted with her tree.
I think it turned out quite cute too!

I'm really sorry about the terrible photos - she wanted me to take them tonight!
She inherited my ability to be patient obviously!



  1. Gosh, it's really adorable! Aren't those bunnies sweet too!

  2. How gorgeous and so effective..I love it and your daughter obviously does as well...why would she wait to show the world how clever her mum is? Take care Kym X

  3. Fantastic, I am going to show my daughter, she will love it.

  4. I LOVE your twig tree! It is simple, beautiful and soooo eye catching! I'd love to see this in the twig themed linkup too!

    SNS #59 sidebar feature for you this weekend. :)


  5. Congrats on the feature at FJI! I came over from there (I have the gingerbread house!) I LOVE, ADORE, this!!! I have a thing for Swedish design and this is just fabulous!!! I am going to try and make this wonderful tree! Please come visit on Monday when I am posting my daughter's room...Swedish theme! We have some of the same things!! Love it over here and will sign up to follow!

  6. I love your tree, so simple, yet so beautiful!

  7. Wonderful tree! I've been dreaming of a white Christmas tree--this might just be the answer to my thrifty decorating dilemna :-) Thanks for sharing!

  8. Such a perfect tree, Sam! ~ x

  9. It looks adorable,just perfect for her bedroom..xx


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