Thursday, 9 December 2010

Fear of flying

On Saturday I'm hoping to take Lily to Lapland (which is at the very top of Finland) to see the 'real' Father Christmas.

I took Seth a few years ago and it was amazing - he had such a great time and I got to see the Northern Lights which was just incredible.  We both had certificates for Crossing the Arctic Circle which Seth thought was really cool!

My only problem is I hate flying.  I'm terrified and have already got a headache and an upset stomach. 

I know I'm a fool to put myself through this but if I didn't I'd never get to go anywhere plus Saturday is all about Lily and her having a truly magical and memorable day.  I know this may seem an extravagant trip so I'm keen to point out that we are not 'flashy' people at all - as I've left it til last minute to book there's a big discount and it's such a fantastic experience for children that I'm willing to make sacrifices elsewhere - beans on toast for me for the next few weeks!

I never used to be scared of flying but since I've had the children my anxiety levels are through the roof.

Anyone else out there with an age induced fear of flying (or just anyone with a ton of common sense) who can offer me some advice  to help ease my churning belly??!!

This is no joke - I need some serious shaking and a good slap to sort myself out!



  1. Oh Sam I know exactly what you are feeling! I used to love flying, enough that I actually had lessons, but now I am so nervous about it I can't visit my daughter in the UK!
    If I have to take a short trip I whip to the Dr. get two Xanax take them about an hour before the flight and I am right. Fairly drastic I know but it works for me.
    What an amazing thing to do for your children best of luck!

  2. Ok, I completely understand the fear that comes with having children and the whole what if, which makes flying difficult. But I should really let my husband do the talking on this one, but he's not home so here goes.

    My husband has flown in lots and lots of airplanes, he even attended the US Navy's Test Pilot School and flew in things that scared the daylights out of me! His job now is to investigate airplane crashes, yes you heard that right. He's been all over the world investigating crashes on major airlines, might think that that should scare you a wee bit more right?...well actually NO!

    He can give you all sorts of statistics on how many fights you would need to take...all day, every day before you would be involved in an "incident" not even a crash. You would have to board a flight every day for something like 25 years before you would have a bad landing or something they consider an incident. We as a family fly frequently and my husband and daughter are flying fanatics! I also have a brother who is a pilot. So, go, enjoy yourself and know that you are far more likely to be injured or killed while driving your car, which you probably don't give a second thought to. I think what makes us so afraid of flying is that there is a complete lack of control...someone else is driving the bus so to speak.

    We can't control life, or what is meant to be, so concentrate on the wonderful memories you are creating for you and Lily and not on the "what ifs" that you have no control over anyway.

    Was that a good enough slap? Yikes...oh my I would never slap you...I just want you to have a wonderful time and to not worry. BTW this is the pot calling the kettle black as I was so worried when I flew to the UK to spend a week with my daughter. I'm so glad I took that chance, I will have those memories forever!

    Have a wonderful time and sorry for writing a book!!

    XO Kat :)

  3. I will send you and email as it seems that my first comment was too large LOL!

    It was a long slap so apparently I need to put it in email form! ;-)

    Kat :)

  4. Sorry, it said it didn't go through...ok now I just look like a nutcase for having sent you 3 comments! I think I need some tea!


  5. Sounds like a fun experience Sam (apart from the fear of flying). I hope you can manage to calm those nerves when you're on board. Big hugs xx

  6. Hi Sam,
    You might like to take a look at our eBook "Dragons of Thin Air", for a fun and very different approach to fear of flying. Oh yeah, it is free!

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  7. I had this fear (still don't like it) and overcame it several years ago mainly for the reason I knew I would have to fly to visit my children as they got older.

    A therapist helped me by having me visualize myself having a successful flight. Every night I would close my eyes and go through every step of the process. Sometimes I got stuck on take off (my biggest fear), but eventually I would be able to make the whole flight in my mind. It sounds crazy and silly, but it helped me a lot and now I fly a couple of times a year. Still not easy, but manageable. Ann


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