Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Another Christmas - big surprise for my kids

I've been struggling to keep something from my children for the last few weeks.
I've almost slipped up a few times.
Somehow I've managed to keep a secret.
My brother lives in Majorca in Spain and only manages to get home maybe once a year.
My kids adore my brother.
So tonight these two....

....and this gorgeous little man....

....will be knocking on our door to spend a second Christmas with us.

I can't wait to cuddle Renzo - he is just the cutest.
Lily adores Eugenia (or Auntie Egg as she calls her as Eugenia is too hard for her to say) and Seth will be attached to his super cool Uncle.
Eugenia's parents are also coming to stay and we've never met them before so we are going to have a house full and I'm going to love it!  Her parents don't speak any English so I'm going to have my work cut out - they both speak Spanish and French fluently so I'll be babbling in a really bad mix of both plucked from the recesses of my memories from school.

My sister and her family spent Christmas in Ireland with her husband's family and they will be back on the 2nd so on the 3rd we are having Christmas all over again.  More turkey, more presents, more silly hats and games! 

In between we have a New Year's party with our neighbours.  This year we decided that every house should pick a country to represent and play music, offer food, and dress representing that country.  Everyone has to have a flag of that country.  We will be going from house to house in order of the time zones so the first house we are going to visit will be China.  We are America so will be playing Bruce Springsteen or some country music, offering teeny burgers and meatball sub's and will be wearing cowboy hats.  I've also bought an Argentina flag as Eugenia's mum is apparently a great cook so she will be making empanadas for everyone.

So this year we get to have Christmas, New Year and then Christmas all over again!

Hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. 
Hope 2011 is all you want it to be!



  1. It sounds like a wonderful celebration. Enjoy your guests.

    Merry Christmas...Happy New Year....Merry Christmas! La

  2. How exciting Sam! I know you all will be thrilled to have your brother and his family there with you! The progressive party sounds like a wonderful idea and remember to say "hey y'all" if you're wearing those cowboy hats! ;-)

    Happy New Year my friend!

    Kat :)

  3. How wonderful...i have just been catching up on all your adventures. Sorry i had missed all of them! Happy 2011, Mel xxx

  4. How lovely to have your brother and his family visit and that you get to do Christmas twice :) Your New Years party sounds like so much fun!! Be sure to take some photos to show us all x

  5. What a lot of excitement! How great that your broter and his family are visiting. I'm impressed by your neighbourly partying. I'll probably go to bed early!! How tragic is that!!??

  6. I love the idea about everyone choosing a different sounds like so much fun! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

  7. I love the idea of a NYE celebration with neighbours "around the world"!
    I wonder how France will be represented ?!

    Oh fait le français, c'est revenu, ou pas du tout ? ^^

  8. Hi and happy New Year! Just found you from Kristin's My uncommon Slice!! Love your projects and decor. I'm now a follower!

    Come vist me if you have a chance!!


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