Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Yay - I was featured on Etsy's Front Page

I was going to post my Halloween party photo's today but I've woken up to find that one of my stockings has made it to the Front Page of Etsy.  I'm so excited as it's my first time to be featured there.  On top of this an American interior designer whose work I adore (I have tons of her photos saved on my computer) e-mailed me this week as she wanted to buy one of my pillows.  I'm not a very confident person and quite critical of my work and things like this really boost my confidence.

I'll be walking on a cloud all day today!

Halloween pics to follow.



  1. That's so exciting Sam! You must have been beaming seeing your stocking there!!

  2. Oh good on you Sam - congratulations! You've had a very successful day by the sound of things - maybe you should go buy yourself a great big lottery ticket! Well done. K xx

  3. How exciting, congratulations!

  4. Oh Sam how exciting!! I love those stockings, and your pillows are divine! You so deserve to be recognized, congratulations!!!

    Kat :)

  5. Congratulations- that is AMAZING! Very well-deserved, your work is gorgeous!

  6. That is so exciting for you Sam! Congratulations on the extra exposure. You know I love your etsy items so I am not suprised at all! xx

  7. OH sam, doing the happy dance along with you. How exciting!
    Never underestimate yourself. You do great work.


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