Monday, 25 October 2010

Too busy to blog

Every year about this time I get that 'wading through treacle' feeling.
I've got five fairs and sales booked and am busy every spare second making stuff to sell.  I've also done quite a few wholesale orders for shops and a website wanting to sell my stuff.  I'm mentally and physically washed out!  For the last month I've crafted both Saturday and Sunday and then back to work on Monday wishing I had a few more days off to relax (knowing that really if I did have a few days off I wouldn't relax!).

My housework has built up and until my mother came up and did all my ironing last week you couldn't see my spare bed.  I'm in such a mess that I've been spending a lot of time procrastinating as I have so much to do I literally do not know where to start.


It's getting dark here around 5.30pm and when the nights start drawing in it makes me want to nest more and make my home more comfy and cosy.

On top of making stuff to sell I have a few jobs around the house that I've been meaning to tackle for ages.  In my spare/guest bedroom I didn't have any curtains as such - what I did have was a pair of really long Ikea tab top curtains that my sister lent me which I folded over and hung over the pole then tied with ribbon towards the bottom!

Yesterday I made some simple unlined white curtain panels with some cotton my brother sent me from Egypt months ago.  I like the window in this room as it's low and wide and from one side overlooks the forest so simple curtains were all I wanted.  I'm really pleased with how they turned out and even more pleased that one job is off my 'to do' list.


Another job I've made a start on is painting our bedroom furniture at last.  So far I've only done one bedside cabinet and will hopefully finish the other this week as I've got a couple of days off to get ready for our street Halloween party.

The photo above is the before and the one below is the after.

The thing that spurred me on to paint these cabinets was that I bought some new bedding at Home Sense and I didn't want to use it until I was happy with how my bedroom looks.

The bedding is the same as in the two photo's below and I can't wait to use it.  Am I the only one who gets really excited to have new bedding but don't actually want to use as I don't want to mess it up?!

I'm always up til gone midnight and I'm sure that if I had a beautiful bedroom I would want to spend more time in there.  The bedrooms below are all so utterly gorgeous that I think I would find it hard to leave the room!

Perfectly gorgeous beachy colours - Jane Coslick 

Perfect room - stunning bed, rich floors and love the panelling - Rare and Beautiful Treaures blog.


The Pottery Barn shelf on the wall above this bed is high on my list of wants - if Pottery Barn were willing to ship to the UK I would pay anything for this.  Sadly they won't so I intend to try and make a few based on this style in various sizes.

more panelling.

Gorgeous warm and welcoming colours - this room looks so comfy and welcoming - Sarah Richardson.

What a beautiful colour on the walls plus I love the fact that such soft and feminine colours have been used with the big black iron bed - we have a similar bed and I'd love to change it but seeing this room makes me in less of a hurry to change it!

I can't remember where a lot of these photos came from - if I've used one of yours please let me know and I'll add a photo credit straight away.


I'm a bit more up to date and ready for the sales now so am looking forward to catching up on reading everyones blogs. 

 Thanks for all your comments - I'll be catching up with you all over the next few days.



  1. Hey Sam,
    Sounds like you are just busy busy. Slow down and take it one step at a time. Pick one thing that needs getting done and tackle that and finish it and then move on.

    That photo that is above the "gorgeous....sentence is a Sarah Richardson room done at the farmhouse she bought.

    The room above the the stunning bed sentence is Erin's from Rare and beautiful tresures. I love that room too. Looks so inviting.

    Relax some Sam. We'll all be here when you get back.

  2. Can't wait to see your furniture. My bedroom is knotty pine and I so want to paint it wait, but I'm scared and tired. Hope your transformation kicks my butt.

  3. Don't worry about not posting as often as you'd like during this busy period - we'll still be here :-) Sounds like you've had a hectic few weeks - I'm glad you've been able to knock a few things off your 'to do' list. Your bedroom cabinet looks great white and I cannot wait to see your new quilt cover in place with the newly painted furniture. I totally know what you mean about not wanting to mess up new bed linen - I am a tad pedantic about our new white quilt :)

  4. I know exactly how you feel Sam! I've just opened an my Etsy shop, I've had lots of commissions for paintings coming in, and my house looks like it's been ransacked. Just not enough time to do everything that needs to be done. I'm thrilled your doing so well, and how nice of your mum to help out. Love the new cabinet and curtains, and can't wait to see your new bed linen! K xx

  5. Sam I was just thinking about you today! Sounds like you've been a very busy girl, I'm not sure how you do it all. I love the new curtains and your bedside table looks wonderful all crisp and white. And yes, I buy bedding and then don't want to mess it up...and the truth is that I seldom make my bed now...shh don't tell anyone!

    I hope that life slows down a little for you, and welcome back we've missed you!

    Kat :)

  6. Thanks for the mention of the Amazing Grace bedroom. (I am working on a new bedrooom for a client and have tried to purchase your flat ruffled linen pillow with one deep ruffle on your etsy store. I will try to send a link.) Your bedroom is turning out sleeping on a cloud.


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